The first post of 2012!

For the new year, 2012, I am going to begin sending my messages, bulletins, and thoughts to you through this blog.  As we move forward, with really exciting beginnings, and continued improvements to some awesome things already going on at NMS, we are working towards making NMS the highest achieving Title 1 middle school in SBISD.  Our students can do it!  You all can make it happen!  The challenge is on and we have one more semester to make it happen.  I am up for it, I know you are too!  We will have a full day on Wednesday of Knight Camp.  This is your opportunity to create the culture that we want to see at NMS!  We have already started making changes, but we have much more to do!!  I hope you all had the amost marvelous vacation!  I hope everyone’s battery is recharged and you are ready to make our vision a reality!  I plan on being out in the building, in as many classrooms as possible beginning on Wednesday!  That is where all the action is!  That is where I want to be.  I want to share what I see in the classrooms here on this blog, so check often!  Happy New Year to you all!!


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