TELPAS Writing & Core Teachers

Hey NMS Core Teachers:

The TELPAS test is not too far away and time will get away from us and we will be collecting writing samples before we know it.  As you know, the state of Texas requires that every student designated as LEP, show at least one year of progress on the TELPAS test each year.  Our students are doing a pretty good job in all areas except the writing.  We have many students who are denied their year of growth because of the writing.  Remember – the writing samples must be collected in all 4 core content areas.  We need to do an even better job this year with TELPAS writing.  There are some very specific skills that must be shown in the writing and we want to make sure all of our LEP students know what the writing will look like in each content area.  The ESL department is going to be working with each middle school to make sure these skills are in place and that all of the content teachers know what these skills are and how they look in student writing.  The great thing is, the more writing that students do in each core area, the more their learning in that content will be cemented!  It is a win – win for all!  The core teachers will receive 3 hours PDLC credit for these 3 one hour classes.  If you are unable to attend, please email me so that we can find a time when you can attend.  Thank you.  Here are the dates and times for classses:

1. Meeting #1:  January 12 @ 3:30-4:30     area 7 – bring class rosters sorted by LEP students, or with LEP students highlighted – this can be accessed on Eduphoria, this will give you students TELPAS ratings from previous year

2.  Meeting #2:  January 26 @ 3:30-4:30  area 7 – bring student writing samples (high, medium, low)

3.  Meeting #3:  February 13 @ 3:30-4:30     area 7 – bring student writing samples (high, medium, low)

Meeting #4 has been canceled.  There will be three lessons that all Core teachers need to attend.  (sped and ESL) 

I will send an email with the PDLC information so that you can sign up.  This is for all grade level teachers of  the 4 core content areas.  Please email me with any concerns or questions.  Thanks so much!!


I think the first TELPAS meeting went great.  Thank you to everyone who made room in your busy schedules to come!  As we work with these students in the “target” groups to show them how to use more complex verbs and more complex sentences, it is really going to benefit our students’ learning.  I think the key from yesterday, is that the students need to be writing in all of the content classes as often as possible.  Remember – this will help them on the TELPAS and help them cement the learning in your content area.  The date has changed for next meeting.  It was Jan. 24, now it is Jan. 26!


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