Faculty Bulletin 1-16-2012

Great Things I Noticed Last Week!

I did not get to be in as many classes as I wanted last week, but saw great things in every classroom I visited!  As we work towards becoming the highest achieving Title 1 middle school in SBISD, we have to make sure we reach every student!  I saw a small group instruction in Cindy’s class.  These students were working on writing with the teacher.  It was awesome!

Awesome job. Some kids chose to get the help, and others were called to the table.

The students in Andrea’s class had learned the comma rules, written examples, found examples in the books they were reading, and then found examples in their own writing.  Here is what the examples looked like:
Thanks 7th grade LA for the great examples of integrating STAAR readiness and authentic work! 
Events this week:
Monday, January 16, 2012
Tuesday, January 17, 2012
A Day
10:30 ILT meeting
1:00 6th grade Honor Roll Celebration in Cafeteria – Leah sent list – students check into advisory first
4:30 Cross Country meet @ SOMS
Wednesday, January 18, 2012
B Day
7:50 Faculty Meeting
9:00 Tiger Prowl – Jan Dobbs
9:30 Financial Literacy – Parent Center
11:00 Tier Visit with Pam Butler
3:30 Come and Go Active Board Training Area 7
7th grade Boys @ NMS 4:30-5:45
8th grade Boys A @ NMS 7:00
8th grade Boys B @ Landrum 7:00
7th grade Girls @ SBMS 5:00 & 6:15
8th grade Girls @ SBMS 5:45
Thursday, January 19, 2012
A Day
7:50 CIT Meeting – office conference room
1:00 Honor Roll Celebration 7th and 8th grade in cafeteria – Leah sent out list (students check into advisory first)
6:00 Family Literacy Night
7A/8A Basketball Tournament Girls @ NMS, Boys at O’Donell MS Alief
Friday, January 20, 2012
B Day
8:30 EOC Testing Meeting – Reap @ SWHS
9:00 8th grade tour of Guthrie Center and Ag Farm
Nuts and Bolts
I added some information to the TELPAS memo – so please be sure you check it while you are on the Blog.  Let’s make sure we are all having our students write – and really work on using complex sentences and verbs! 
Vocabulary Development – We are going to begin introducing one new vocabulary word each morning on the announcments!  I will post the list on here, so you will always know what words are coming.  The goal would be for everyone to try and use the word of the day in their class on that day!  This is just one more way to work on vocabulary each and every day.  We will use the lists that have been sent to us by the DC’s for each content! 
Have a most productive week!  We are striving to be the highest achieving Title 1 middle school in SBISD!  In order to reach that goal, our students must be thinking and working hard each and every minute of each class period!  Let’s work on our pacing, and wear our kids out!!

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