NMS Faculty Bulletin 2-13-2012

GreatThings happening at NMS!


Students teaching students about the American Revolution in the New Comers Class

The American Revolution

There is some really great learning going on in the classrooms at NMS!  As we work to build the urgency with our students we are going to see higher student achievement! 
There is the final TELPAS meeting for all core content teachers this Monday.  The writing samples are such a critical piece of the TELPAS test!  It is imperative that the students are writing in all classes daily!  Please work with your students on using the complex verbs and sentences so that they can incorporate those skills into their writing!  If everyone is talking about it with the students and being very transparent with the kids – we can get them to the advanced high level and help them exit the Bilingual/ESL program.  Go Team NMS!  Let’s make it happen!
Here is your schedule for the week:
Monday, February 13, 2012
B Day
8:45 Kid Team meeting
9:15 ILT Meeting
11:30 Math Data Conference in Leslis’ room
3:30 TELPAS Meeting Area 7 – please bring writing samples from your classes
Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Happy Valentines Day
A Day
All Electives come by conference room during planning time – meet with Val and Cendie – 15 minutes or so
9:00 Buffalo Creek 5th graders visit NMS
3:45 CTR Meeting – Tracy Ache
Wednesday, February 15, 2012
B Day
7:50 Faculty Meeting – 5 Year Plan
9:00 Edgewood and Terrace visit NMS
9:30 Financial Literacy in The Center
10:00 Yes Prep office training @ NMS
3:30 8th grade LEP Meeting – all core teachers
Thursday, February 16, 2012
A Day
Progress reports due today at 11:00 pm
7:30 a.m. Celebration of Sharing @ Memorial City Mall
9:00 AP Meeting Board Room
9:00 Hollibrook visits NMS
9:00 PIQE in cafeteria
6:00 Family Literacy Night / PIQE in cafeteria
Friday, February 17, 2012
B Day
8:00 SPED department mtg.
8:30 icoach meeting
Nuts and Bolts
I hope everyone had a great weekend.  The weather was gorgeous!  Some of the DC’s on Friday,  visited a Yes Prep campus.  It was a great visit, I believe it helped clarify some ideas for NMS and the direction we want to move.  The DC’s are going to work on a plan to present to the staff in a couple of weeks.  I believe we are on the right track with our focus on “A Culture of Achievemnt”.  I believe we learned about and solidified our thinking about that and the DC’s have some great ideas for next year.  How we create the culture at NMS is up to us!  There are some amazing educators here and if we ban together, commit to following the plan and commit to the high achievement at NMS – we will make it happen.  We are on our way! 
Last week you met in Grade levels and went over some discipline and dress code issues.  I imagine you saw a few kids in neon orange (they are hard to miss) t-shirts on Friday.  We will not be putting students in ISS for dress code violations any longer.  They are missing instruction and they need to be in class.  These items are not prison garb, this is just an ugly shirt and sweat pants, that are meant to discourage students from coming to school out of dress code on purpose in order to spend the day in ISS with their friends. This is what they will have to wear at the high school if they come in inappropriate dress.   Please don’t pay any special attention to the students, we don’t have to say anything to them, just let them wear the “uniform” and come back for their clothes at 3:25.  Our focus needs to be on the students in class, with their supplies, and ready to learn! 
Also at your grade level meeting – you reviewed our PD for the year.  This year our focus has been on all things tied to HEAT and Culture.  That will continue to be our focus for next year.  I hope we can grow a culture of feedback next year also – more feedback for students and teachers!  You all are great – let’s have an awesome week!  As Pam says each morning, “In order to be the best….We have to do our best”! 
NMS Weekly Vocabulary
1.  tolerance – a fiar, objective attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc… differ from one’s own.  Or, the act or capacity of enduring something.  My tolerance of loud noises is limited.  Adolph Hitler did not have any tolerance for races other than his own.
2. superior – higher in rank, degree, importance, ex: a superior officer.  above the average in excellence, merit, intelligence, superior math students
3.  halted – to stop, cease moving, operating, etc… to cause to stop, a temporary or permanent stop:  They halted for lunch and walked around.  They halted the construction because the equipment was broken. 
4. primarily – essentially, mostly, chiefly, principally, They live primarily from farming.
5. interior – being within, inside of anything, internal, the interior of the school or house, pertaining to the inland

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