NMS Faculty Bulletin 2-21-2012

Great Things I Noticed Last Week!

Station work at the Active Board

I saw some great group work this week.  As we prepare our students for the TELPAS testing, it is so critical that they work on academic vocabulary and like I talked about last week, the complext sentences and complex verbs. 
Here are the events this week:
Monday, February 20, 2012
Tuesday, February 21, 2012
A Day
UIL Gain Only
7th grade Course Selections – Hoy in library
7:50 DC Meeting conference room
8:30 Test Coordinator meeting
4:00 Val @ Meeting
Wednesday, February 22, 2012
B Day
7:50 Faculty Meeting
6th grade Course Selections – Acosta in Library
4:30 Boys Track
11:00 Tier Visit with Pam Butler
4:30 Track Boys
Thursday, February 23, 2012
A Day
7:50 CIT Meeting conference room
7th grade Course Selections Seelbach in library
9:00 PIQE in cafeteria
6:00 PIQE / Family Literacy NIght
Friday, February 24, 2012
B Day
6th grade Course Selections Guevara in library
9:00 Val @ Board room for STAAR Meeting
1:00 Intramurals for students with Scholarly Tickets – remember to sign the tickets with your signature!
Nuts and Bolts
I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend!  I most certainly did.  It’s hard to believe we are 1/2 of the way through with February.  We are all busy and time is going fast.  As you know, the DC’s visited a Yes Prep school a couple of weeks ago, and we are going to take some more of you who would like to visit.  We can’t take huge groups, so we are going in smaller ones in order to not be so disruptive.  I am arranging now for the remaining DC’s to go, and I will have a few spots if anyone wants to email me about going.  This is the beginning of the process as we learn from them, and as they come into our building (when it passes the SBISD school board) they will be learning from us!  We have talked about this before – but the crucial difference in the successful charter schools and NMS is the culture!  We have begun the process of changing our culture – but we have a long way to go!  I am truly inspired and excited by what I have seen at Yes and what I am seeing in some classrooms at NMS!  As we create the vision in our minds for what we want – then we make it happen!  I have ordered a copy of the book, “Teach Like a Champion,” for everyone!  There are some chapters in the book that are going to be key as we work on the culture at NMS!  The books should be here tomorrow – and I will get them passed out.  Your DC is going to be leading the book study with you!!  It should be awesome!  The Team NMS can do anything we put our minds to!  It is time to make that happen!!  I want you all on board – there are 3 chapters we are going to study first!  Get ready!!!!  Let the learning begin!!
NMS Weekly Vocabulary
Tuesday:  significance – important, consequence, meaning, the quality of being significant, having a meaning, The significance of the new peace treaty
Wednesday:  economic – pertaining to the production, distribution, and use of income, welath, and commodities. pertaining to one’s own wealth, We had to buy a smaller house for economic reasons, The economy is doing bettter
Thursday:  endured – to hold out against, sustain without yielding, to bear without resistance or with patience and tolerance, ex: I cannot endure your insults any longer, to continue to last, the book will endure a long time
Friday: benefited – something that is advantageous or good, He explained the benefits of ownership,  to be good to, or of service,  ex:  A health program to benefit everyone
groups recording their answers on the board! Lots of academic vocab being used!

One more great shot of students working together at the board to report their work!


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