NMS Faculty Bulletin 3-5-2012

Great Things I Noticed Last Week:

Students using Critical Thinking Wheels for the Socratic Circle – Fantastic!

Events This Week:

Monday, March 5, 2012
B Day
Health Fitness in Theater all Week
8:00 Tripod Survey Informational Meeting
9:15 – Kid Team Meeting
9:45 ILT Meeting
3:30 Tripod Survey Meeting

Tuesday, March 6, 2012
A Day
Health Fitness in Theater all Week
Choir UIL
TriPod Surveys  2nd and 5th Period
6:30 Civic Association Mtg. in Cafeteria

Wednesday, March 7, 2012
B Day
7:50 Department Meetings
8:30 Science Data Conference -2B
1:00 SS Data Conference – 2B
4:30 Girl’s Track Crump Stadium Alief

Thursday, March 8, 2012
A Day
Band Pre-UIL
8:30 Principal’s Meeting
9:00 PIQE
1:00 Math Data Conference
4:30 Boys Track @ Stratford HS
6:00 PIQE & Family Literacy Night

Friday, March 9, 2012
B Day
End of 9 weeks
1:00 Scholarly Ticket Intramurals

Nuts and Bolts
Hey Team NMS!  We can do this!  One more week!  Everyone is in desperate need of our week off!  But, let’s make this week count, keep the students working on rigorous material all week and wear them out!  Let’s not waste a single moment and spring break will be here before we know it!  The DC’s met on Friday and have a really awesome plan to share with you!  They are ready for your feedback so that we can work this spring to finalize the plan and begin to put it in place in August!  I very much appreciate the hard week that the DC’s put in on Friday and the really great conversations that were held!  Don’t be shocked when it looks like a lot!  Much of it is already in place and is being done every day!  Be sure you have read the Intro and Chapter 5 to Teach Like A Champion for your department meeting. The DC’s are united in this plan and want your feedback in order to grow NMS to be the highest achieving Title 1 middle school in SBISD.  We are going to make this happen by having a culture of achievement, accountability and feedback for all!  Go Team NMS!!


NMS Vocabulary Word of the Day
Monday – perpetual:  continuing or enduring forever, lasting an indefinitely long time: The store had a perpetual stream of shoppers all day.
Tuesday – dispelled: to cause to vanish, alleviate, to dispel her fears
Wednesday – awe: an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc.. power to inspire fear or reverence. In awe of the artist’s work.
Thursday – obtain: to come into possession of, get, acquire, to obtain permission, to obtain a better income, to reach
Friday – isolate: to set or place apart, detach or separate to be alone, The person was isolated in order to be alone and to think


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