NMS Faculty Bulletin March 19, 2012

Great Things I Noticed Last Week:

Happenings at NMS during spring break

Events This Week:

Monday, March 19, 2012
A Day
TELPAS Window Opens
Report Card Grades Due
Theater in use all Day – Health Fitness
8:45 Kid Team Meeting
9:15 ILT Meeting

Tuesday, March 20, 2012
B Day
Theater in use all Day – Health Fitness
Testing Training during conference times – Office Conference Room – ALL STAFF (teachers and para-professionals)
3:30 Program of Studies – Board Room

Wednesday, March 21, 2012
A Day
Theater in use all Day – Health Fitness
Department Meetings – 7:50
TELPAS Testing begins – 9:00 aM & 1:00 PM – see Kathy Green’s email for student groups – all testing in lower library
9:00 Leadership Meeting for SS
11:00 Tier Visit

Thursday, March 22, 2012
B Day
Theater in Use all Day – Health Fitness
TELPAS Testing begins – 9:00 aM & 1:00 PM – see Kathy Green’s email for student groups – all testing in lower library
7:5- CIT Meeting – office conference room
4:30 Community Night – cafeteria – all staff
6:00 8th grade Parent meeting – theater

Friday, March 23, 2012
A Day
AFT (American Federation of Teachers) set up in teachers lounge (area 7) before school
TELPAS Testing begins – 9:00 aM & 1:00 PM – see Kathy Green’s email for student groups – all testing in lower library
10:00 Val @ meeting
1:00 Scholarly Ticket Intramurals – based on weather and use of gym
6:00 PIQE Graduation – cafeteria

Nuts and Bolts:
This is our last full week before our first round of STAAR testing. However, TELPAS begins on Wednesday.  Please look at Kathy Green’s email for the rosters of students who need to test each day.  The schedule and names are on the email.  This test must start on time – and you need to make sure you have your students in the library on time.  Thank you in advance for taking care of this.

 I am not going to include vocabulary this week – let’s use every moment teaching and staying focused on the TEKS that our kids need to master.  Student Achievement is what we are about – so let’s put everything we have into this next week to give our kids what they need to achieve! 

Speaking of achievement – We had 3 meetings about the writing portion of the TELPAS!  Even though it is not the STAAR test, it is very important for our students to exit the ESL/Bilingual program in a timely fashion. Every LEP student has to show a year’s growth each year – that is part of our state accountability.  It is very important.  I wanted all of the content teachers to have a strong understanding of what the writing test is and how students can show growth each year – in other words – what is the test expecting? That was the purpose of the 3 after school meetings.   This time around, it has been difficult in getting the writing back from many of the content teachers.  This is part of everyone’s professional responsibility and it is the expectation that the writing samples get done correctly, and turned in on time.  It is also an expectation that writing is done more than just this one time of year when TELPAS samples have to be turned in.  Writing it critical to learning!  To those of you who turned in your writing samples to the LA teachers on time – I thank you. 

You have a department meeting this week instead of a faculty meeting.  This week you are going to be talking about Chapter 5 in TLAC (Teach Like A Champion) – and it is going to be the backbone of what we are building next year.  Last week your DC’s shared with you the expectations they felt were important to put in writing for all of us.  Now we begin talking about how we make those expectations  happen.  Your DC’s have worked hard on this and committed a lot of time to the process.  This is our opportunity to create the culture we want at NMS and it must happen for our achievement to be where we want it to be.  I am excited about the future. 

Thursday night is Community Night.  It is the expectation that everyone is here to participate and speak with parents.  Thanks!

We had to move the Scholarly Ticket intramurals last week.  You will have pink scholarly tickets in your box which you can begin handing out.  However, at this Friday’s intramurals – it will be for students with the white Scholarly tickets. 

For all of NMS – In order to be the best – we have to do our best! 

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