Construction Memo

Hey Team NMS!  Here is some summer construction information!  I thought I was just house this all in one place and add to it when necessary! 

Here are those Saturday packing dates again:
April 21  9:00-12:00
May 5    9:00-3:00
May 12  12:00-3:00

May 19  10:00-2:00

Remember – everything is going to be packed up and stored in the 2 gyms. The air in the gyms will run like a normal school day. 
Tuesday, May 29:  The movers will come at 4:00 pm to move all boxes.  If there is anything you need for the rest of the week – have it out and not in a box.
Friday, June 1 – furniture will be moved – most likely in the AM, computers moved

Remember – if something was purchased by the district – please don’t throw it away, old textbooks must be surpassed, get with Mr. Barry on textbooks. 
File cabinets MUST be empty.

Take all PERSONAL Property home

April 23 – Library closed, carts delivered


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