Expectations for 2012-2013 for Administrators and Faculty – created by the DC’s

Expectations for 2012-2013


By building a culture of achievement, accountability, and feedback, NMS will be the highest achieving Title 1 middle school in SBISD.



–          Look for ways to improve yourself and the school

–          Be in the classrooms/ check in at least once a week

–          Be an instructional leader

  • Provide meaningful PD
  • Share new practices/ interesting articles
  • Check on lesson plans

–          Provide specific feedback, both positive and negative (constructive)

  • Instructional
  • Classroom culture
  • Discipline
  • Are referrals appropriate
  • Useful tips and techniques to try

–          Work with teachers to come up with solutions

–          Include the teacher who wrote the referral for non Level 5 Offenses when student is brought in


–          Look for ways to improve yourself and the school

–         Clear routines and procedures

  • Entry Routine
  • On Your Mark
  • Do Now (Warm Up)
  • Transition
  • Seat Signals
  • Getting Class Attention
  • What To Do

–         Influence and Control

  • 100%
  • Strong Voice
  • Props
  • Positive Framing
  • Emotional Consistency
  • Love and Logic Techniques

–         Provide consequences and discipline for minor infractions

  • Individual conference
  • Parent contact
  • Parent conference
  • Teacher detention
  • Administrator- Teacher- Student conference during conference period if it leads to a referral

–         Collaborate with other teachers and administrators

  • Ask for help when struggling
  • Provide help to others who ask
  • Bring up issues with DC or administrator as they arise

–          Video class once a semester and analyze what is working and what isn’t with at least 1 other person and write a reflection



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