NMS Faculty Meeting 9-17-2012

ImageHey Team NMS!  Another work week complete!  Congratulations to our new teachers for making it and doing it right! The picture above is Katie Gentry’s class and all of the ELA department in there. We all had a great professional development day with Alana Morris and we watched work stations being implemented in Katie’s class. I think it was an awesome learning experience for everyone.  ELA teachers come get your books from my office!!!   The classes I have visited in are already heavily engaged in the content and working.  I am really proud of NMS!  We have not wasted a moment, and everyone is teaching with urgency, using timers, and making the best use of each of our 47 minutes we have in class.  I have heard many teachers ask for and wait for 100% in all that they do!  Great job – we want that to be an expectation in every single classroom.

Formative Assessment – We started at Wednesday’s faculty meeting talking about formative assessment.  I believe this is the heart of teaching – or should I say – LEARNING!  Formative assessment helps us to know who has learned the material and who hasn’t.  We are seeking for our students to master what we have taught – and we need to know that before we give a Unit Test.  We need to know at the end of each lesson – who needs more instruction, practice, and help!  We are going to spend a substantial amount of time on formative assessment – Knowing where our students are in their learning – and helping them to know where they are and to metacognitive too!  Exit tickets, dry erase boards, HW, Active votes, and expressions are all great ways to gather formative data on your students. 

Classroom Goals – Classroom goals can be as simple as:  Everyone in this class will make an 80 or better on every unit test we take.  The goals need to be measureable and cascade from the school’s goals.  I might add a culture goal also – just to get the students on board with being part of community – a family oriented school, and working together to make the classroom a place where everyone can learn.  Technically, they can be the same for each period.  It is up to you!  You want the goal to be a SMART goal – which is information you can find on the orange Interactive Notes you have on Performance Management.  The purpose of the goals is to help get the students invested in their achievement and working together for something bigger than them!

03’s – For your 03’s this week, please bring with you:
LEP list and each student’s level  (beginner, intermediate, advanced, or advanced high)
Template filled out and sent to your manager one day before your 03
Any unit test data, quizzes, etc.. that you want to share

ICUis going well, we are still having some kids slip away.  Please be sure that you designate a teacher in your Area to bring the students down at 3:35.  Science – you are doing an excellent job of bringing your students to ICU each day!  Way to go!  Snaps to you!

Here is the schedule for the week:

Monday, Sept. 17
A Day
First Day of Appraisal Observations begin
7:50 – 9:00  8th grade teachers (Core and co-teach) in multi-purpose room – EXPLORE testing preparation
11:00 Val Mtg.
2:00 Office Mtg.
3:30 Social Studies Tutorials
3:30 Math Planning – Lesli’s office
5:00 Volleyball NMS v. Memorial @ MMS   C Team
5:30 Football v. Alief @ Alief Stadium
6:30-8:30 Kempwood Civic Assoc. Meeting in cafeteria

Tuesday, Sept.18
B Day
10:00 Val, Lesli, Crystal mtg. in B117
12:15 Mentor Ice Cream Party in Parent Center
1:30 TE meeting
3:30 Math Tutorials
3:30 Social Studies Planning

Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012
A Day
Early Release Schedule – NO ADVISORY
8:00 Math PD day in B117
9:00 Principal’s meeting
2:00 Early Release
2:15 Professional Development mutli-purpose room
3:30 ELA Planning
5:00 Volleyball v. Spring Branch @ SBMS

Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012
B Day
7:50 CIT Meeting in Conference room
9:00 Asst. Principal’s meeting
11:00 Steve @ Test Coordinator Meeting
3:30 Science Planning
3:30 ELA Tutorials

Friday, Sept. 21, 2012
A Day
9:00 Kid Team Meeting
2:00 AYP Stage 1 meeting

Have a great week!  We will get all students to and through T, 2, and 4!!


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