NMS Faculty Bulletin 9-24-2012

Researchers have long noted what many teachers have seen for themselves – when students buy into their learning objectives (AIMS) they display more positive attitudes toward learning, more effort and perseverance, and greater engagement in their schooling (Pintrich & Schunk, 2002).


 Thinking back to our PD on Wednesday – how are you planning for Formative Assessment?  How are you giving students feedback and how often?   Is your feedback goal referenced?  As we work to become better at giving feedback – these are all questions that we need to ask ourselves.  As we observe in  your classrooms, we will be looking for formative assessment and relating feedback to the goal (AIM) and referencing the AIM often during the lesson.  You will be receiving the link to Rick Wormerli’s video – I hope you can find some extra minutes to watch it – it is worth it!!

Classroom Goals – I have seen some goals up in the classrooms – the goals need to be up by the end of September!  Thanks!

Unit Tests – I think that most teachers have given their first Unit Test.  If you haven’t already – it is definitely time to begin working on the second Unit Test.  You want to have the test written and be able to use that test as your roadmap as you teach that unit.  Please send the tests to your manager as you complete them.  Also – have your data and results from the first Unit Test ready to share with your manager during your 03.  You and your manager will talk about how you can create an action plan to make sure that all students are mastering what you have taught them. 

I believe the culture at NMS is improving and changing already!  We are now beginning our 5th week of school – and kids are beginning to push back, test the limits, and see if we all really mean what we say.  The rubber is going to begin to meet the road.  We need to continually reinforce the values, the Thinks and Acts in our classrooms each day and every period.  Some students may push it to the non-negotiable, and you all know what to do if that happens – but for the most part, we have passed the batton to you.  You all are the Leaders in your classrooms, and you have to use our Expectations Document to make the classroom run the way you want it to!  Hold for 100% every time!  Make the transitions tight, keep your expectations high!  So far you have done that – keep it up, YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE! 

Here is our schedule for the week:
Monday, Sept. 24, 2012
B Day
11:00 Val & Yes Prep mtg.
1:00 Val @ mtg.
2:00 ILT meeting
3:30 SS Tutorials
3:30 Math Planning Lesli’s office
3:30-5:30 ICU  & Detention in  Theater

Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2012
A Day
7:50-9:00  DC Meeting – DC’s advisories go to old gym
9:00 TE and NMS meeting
12:00 Leah and Jan to Naviance Training
2:00 Val meets with Transportation
3:30 Math Tutorials
3:30 Social Studies Planning
3:30-5:30 ICU & Detention in Theater
5:00 Football v. SBMS @ SWHS

Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2012
B Day
8:00 Val & Steve @ ICLE @ Ad Bldg.
12:30 Tracey and Kathy @ ICLE @ Ad Bdlg.
3:30 ELA Planning
3:30 Science Tutorials
3:30-5:30 ICU & Detention in Theater
5:00 Volleyball v. Landrum @ NMS

Thursday, Sept. 27, 2012
A Day
Val to KSLP
9:00 Tracey @ PEIMS training
3:30 ELA Tutorials
3:30 Science Planning
3:30-5:30 ICU & Detention in Theater
4:00 Activity Account Training @ NHS – anyone who manages an Activity account should attend training

Friday, Sept. 28, 2012
B Day
8:30 6th and 7th grade 1/2 each Writing with Alana Lesli’s office
3:30-5:30 ICU & Detention in Theater

Everyone received in their box – A nomination slip for Going the Extra Mile, that you can fill out, write the staff member’s name in the blank, and a short note about how they went the extra mile, and then return to Dee – she will have a folder on her desk!  Each Wednesday at faculty meeting – we will draw 3 winners!  These 3 people will get a free taco on Tuesday, and a free jeans day that same day!!  Let’s get those nominations coming!! 



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