Mandatory ESL Professional Development all Core Teachers

We are having three  Professional Development sessions during conference periods on three dates: October 22, October 29, and November 12.  This is for all core teachers, including all SPED co-taught and resource teachers.  Each of these will be in the multi-purpose room. We had 3 of these meetings last year, but we did not start until late January – and this is so critical for the achievement of our LEP students, we need to start intervening and working with these students now!  Each time you attend these meetings, you need to bring with you a printed off list of your LEP students by period, sorted by TELPAS writing scores.  If you need help with that piece, please ask your DC to help you.

If you are an ELA teacher, you will find this information on Eduphoria Aware, you click on Quick Views, TELPAS 2012, and you go to the grade the students were in last year, so if you are a current 8th grade teacher, you click on 7th grade.  Then, in the drop down menu at the top right, you choose:  TELPAS Overview.  Then you double-click the top of the writing column which will sort the students for you.  You should already know by now and printed or made of list of all of your LEP students in each class period, and what level of LEP they are.

If you are a math, Science, or SS teacher, you do not have access to the TELPAS overview section on Eduphoria.  I will print off several master copies that you all can look at to determine who your LEP students are, if you haven’t already, and to determine their levels… ie.  Beginner, Intermediate, Advance,  and Advanced High.

Each student needs to show a years growth on the TELPAS each year – so it is important for you to know the student’s level and what they need to do to grow each year.  The great thing is:  ALL TEACHERS CAN HELP WITH ENGLISH LANGUAGE ACQUISITION!  And, we need everyone’s help!  

Action Steps you need to take:
1.  ELA teachers: Print off your LEP students (directions above) sorted by TELPAS writing scores for each period
2. Bring these rosters with you on the 3 dates for the ESL Professional Development in the MPR
3.  If you are math, science, or SS, just bring your rosters in order to use the master list to determine your LEP students’ levels.
3. Attend all 3 sessions during your conference time on 10/22, 10/29 and 11/12

Our LEP students traditionally score the lowest on all of our tests.  We must put learning strategies in place that will increase our students’ academic language acquisition. We  are going to increase our LEP students’ achievement!  We want 100% of NMS students to score a 70% or above on the STAAR tests!  


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