NMS Faculty Bulletin 10-9-2012

Sheena Guevara’s class and the items that they received from Donor’s Choose and Exxon Mobil – also – all Exxon gas stations are giving a portion of every dollar spent to education!  So purchasing gas from Exxon is education friendly!!  Get those Donor’s Choose grants filled out!  Remember – Stephanie, Lindsey, Gail, Lora, and Sheena can all help you if you need help!  They are begging teachers to fill them out!  They want to fund  $1 million from Harris County and they have only funded $300,000 so far because there aren’t enough grants being turned in!!!  Go NMS!!!

ESL Professional Development – I posted another memo on the blog regarding a mandatory ESL PD for all core teachers – be sure you read it!

Kickboard – I didn’t hear too much about Kickboard this week – I think that is a good thing!  I did have a couple of good ideas and some behaviors we may have left off.  Crystal Nicholas suggested having a quick button where you could a point to the whole class for whatever you might think is important.  I think that is a great idea.  Here is what we want from you all:  What are some ideas for activities students can purchase if they have earned money?  We have come up with some ideas – however, we know you all have way better ones than we do!  Please start sending me thoughts and suggestions on ways students can use their paychecks!  What is going to be most critical as we track our students and the culture – is that all teachers are letting students earn money.  If all we ever do is take money away – this will NOT be an effective system!  It should be 5 positives to 1 take away!  If students only see it as a gotcha, it will not succeed!  They have to see and experience that it works both ways!   Thanks!!

ICU – Going better, please be sure that you have students write their homework in their agenda.  If you don’t give HW on a M-TH, then you need to initial each agenda so we know they really don’t have HW.  Now that students know if their work is done that they can leave at 4:30 – we have a lot more work being done.  Please let us know if you are seeing that in the classroom.  We want the students to be motivated to do your work!  Any other thoughts or suggestions – please let us know!  You all are doing a great job of walking your kids down – it is critical that you do that, even so – some kids still get away!  We have some slippery ones!!!  Keep up the effort – it will pay off!

Stellar Knights Awards for rest of semester!  If you see a student acting in a way that exemplifies this behavior – please turn in his name to Minga or Katherine!  These students will be recognized during lunch for their outstanding behavior!  Here are the dates:
Oct. 12 Leadership
October 26:  Respect
November 16:  Trustworthy
December 7:  Responsible

It is getting close to the time to begin administering our CBA’s.  There is some pre-work we want the core teachers to do before giving the test.  After the students have taken their tests, we will have data days for the core teachers.   During the data time, teachers will work on their ACTION PLAN for reteaching those standards and TEKS that students didn’t master.  These plans will also be shared during 03’s.  The key to student achievement and improvement is what we DO with the data.  I am excited to see what this staff can do!

AYP – The CIP and DC’s are getting ready to embark with me on a data challenge as well!  I have a training at Region IV on Wednesday and then I will have much more information to share with everyone!  SWMS improved in all 10 areas this past year – which means they did NOT go into STAGE 2 of school improvement.  That is what NMS is also going to achieve.  We will meet our growth goals and our goal of 100% of our students scoring a 70% or better.  If we use our daily formative assessment all the way to our 9 week CBA’s, we should be able to accomplish that goal.

Your administrative team committed to visiting in all of our Direct Report’s classrooms and give feedback once a week.  We are going to start letting you know how we have done on that goal.  I am not exactly sure the best way to report this information – but for today I will try reporting it in this fashion:

Valerie – made 6 our of 10 of my Direct Reports classrooms – all got feedback, and visited 2 classrooms who are not my DR’s.
Tracey – made 20 classroom visits for her 11 DR’s.
Steve – made 8 out of his 9. 
Kathy – TBA

Here is our weekly schedule:
Monday, October 8, 2012
Columbus Day

Tuesday, October 9, 2012
B Day
7:50 – 8:25  Explore Training – Conference room
8:30 TE Meeting in Conference room
1:00 Leadership Team Meeting
3:30 Math Tutorials
3:30 Social Studies Planning
5:15 Check in with Yes Prep

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
A Day
Co-Teach Training Multi-purpose room
8:00-2:00 Counselor’s meeting
8:30 Val @ Region IV training
3:30 ELA PLanning B117
3:30 Science Tutorials
5:00 Volleyball v. Memorial @ MMS

Thursday, October 11, 2012
B Day
Co-Teach Training Multi-purpose room
8:00 Val @ Principal’s meeting @ Technology Center
9:00 College Door Judging
3:30 ELA Tutorials
3:30 Science Planning

Friday, October 12, 2012
A Day
9:00 Logan from TE
9:00 Kid Team Meeting
2:00 Val @ Meeting Ad Bldg.
2:00 Front Office Staff Meeting

I wish you all a marvelous long weekend!  Take care of yourself and focus on the Joy Factor!!


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