NMS Faculty Bulletin 10-15-2012


Good feedback – “It directs students to the intended learning.  For example:  a teacher who tells students to take out their math books, turn to page 152, read the instructions, send the table leader for materials, and start the decimal hunt has given directions on ACTIVITIES but hasn’t told students the learning target (AIM) Learning to read decimals and put decimal numbers in order. Students are likely to see their job as completing the work rather than learning something important, and they’re less likely to be ready for learning-focused feedback.
Jan Chappuis

That quote really sums up the importance of why we need to share the AIM with our students right at the beginning of the lesson, and then continue to bring that AIM back to the forefront throughout and to close with – Did you master the AIM for the day?  And… what evidence do I as the teacher have of that learning?

That has been our focus the last couple of weeks, formative assessment, AIMS, and minute by minute decision making using feedback from students.  So, my question for you is this, “How do you know everyone has learned the material/lesson/AIM that you taught that day?”  This will continue to be our focus throughout the fall. We have looked at several ways to take formative assessment, Angela showed you several ways to do that on the Active Board using votes or expressions.  The dry erase boards, gestures, response cards, and many others are all ways to engage students in the learning at the same time ascertaining who is mastering the material and AIM being taught.  We are looking for this evidence as we come into visit in classrooms.  Remember – if we are asking students questions, and calling on students who raise their hand, then we only are determining if that one student knows the answer.  We want to know the status of everyone in the class!  

ICU – is going well for those students who are attending.  The large majority of students are getting their work done and are able to leave at 4:30.  Kickboard is doing a great job of creating the list.  Keep up the great work of putting it on there!  At the end of the 9 weeks – I will have numbers for you – Total number of students in ICU, total number of students with referrals, total number of students in ISS, detention and any other student data we think will be relevant.  

Progress Reports:
6th grade:   107 failures
7th grade:  50 failures
8th grade:  112 failures
There are 10 days of instruction left to work on these students who are failing – We must get these kids passing – they need to learn the material and be able to prove they can do it!!  Let me know what I can do to help – I am available for whatever you all need.  

As we get further into the school year – you all are probably working on your 2nd unit, or you may be done and beginning on the 3rd.  Be sure that you have turned in whatever test you are now preparing the students to take.  In order to continue to increase the rigor at NMS – we must structure all of our units by creating the test first – and then using the test as our roadmap!  

CBQ Testing Schedule:
Oct. 19 – 6th and 7th grade Math
Oct. 23 – ELA
Oct. 25 – Science
Oct. 26 – 8th grade Math and Algebra
Oct. 30 – Social Studies
The DC’s have the pre and post CBQ student and teacher reflections and plans.  

Department Meetings through Advisory:
Monday, Oct. 15 – math
Thursday, Oct. 18 – ELA
Monday, Oct. 22 – Science
Tuesday, Oct. 23 – SS


Obviously, that is not where I want to be on my visits!  We will work to improve each week.  

Here is our schedule for the week:

Monday, October 15, 2012
B Day
LPAC Training for all SPED teachers during conference time in multi-purpose room
1:00 Leadership Team Meeting
3:30 Social Studies Tutorials
3:30 Math Planning
5:00 Volleyball C Team 7th grade MMS & 8th SOMS

Tuesday, October 16, 2012
A Day
ICLA visit @ NMS
3:30 Grant Writing – Art teachers in Stephanie’s room
3:30 Social Studies Planning
3:30 Math Tutorials
5:00 Football v. Memorial @ Grob
5:30 A Night of Empowerment @ NHS

Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2012
B Day
CIT Meeting
8th grade Explore Testing
3:30 ELA Planning
3:30 Science Tutorials
5:00 Volleyball v. SOM

Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012
A Day
Spring Branch AFT set up in copy room
9:00 Asst. Principal’s Meeting
3:00 Val @ meeting
3:30 ELA Tutorials
3:30 Science Planning

Friday, Oct. 19, 2012
B Day
7:50 Elective Meeting through advisory – multi-purpose room
7:50 ELA Meeting – conference room LEP paperwork
8:30 Kid Team Meeting
6th and 7th grade Math CBQ
2:00 Front Office Meeting

Have a great week!  This is an amazing group of educators – if anyone can achieve our goals – it is you guys!  T – 2 – 4!!!


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