NMS Faculty Bulletin 10-22-2012

Remember the 3 Questions that Guide the Formative Assessment Process?

Where am I going?
Where am I now?
What strategy or strategies can help me get to where I need to go?

These questions and the AIM for the class lesson will help focus the students on the learning for the day!  As I visited in classrooms last week – I saw teachers using dry erase boards and Active votes!  That is awesome!  Remember, formative assessment is minute by minute and day by day!  It informs our teaching on a daily basis – just like the pilot flying to London!

Data from last week:
Friday:   53/67 6th graders attended ICU

                 25/51 7th graders attended ICU

                34/46 8th graders attended ICU

Classroom Visits Last Week:

Observer 10/9-10/12 10/15-10/19
Steve Barry 7/11 9/11
Kathy Green 10/11
Valerie Johnson 6/10 9/10
Tracey Reap 13/10 3/14

As I met with my DR’s during our 03’s last week, we looked at the failure list and talked about ways to make sure students are learning what they need to learn.  There are teachers in this building going way more than the extra mile!  There are a lot of teachers running marathons!  As we go through the AYP process – we will begin tracking failures as well as attendance, discipline, and CBQ scores!  If parent conferences need to occur – Please let your AP know ASAP!

Technology Inventory will begin at NMS on Wednesday morning.  The entire district is being inventories for all of the technology that each school has on campus.  This is being done, partly in response to the thefts that have occurred.  There are instances when schools don’t know what they had and that makes it difficult to report items missing.  In order to do this without interruption to your classes, we are going to give the technology people a map of the school with teacher’s names and conference periods on it.  They will come to your rooms during your conference period.  I will make sure they have a key so they can come in, even if you aren’t there and begin their inventory.  They will need access to your locked cabinets that hold your technology.  The lockers, etc…. They will need everything the school has issued you, so if you have any items at home, please be sure you have them here this week on Wednesday – Friday!  Any questions, please ask!  Thank you!!

Data Analysis Dates:
10/26   ELA 8:30-3:30  Bring lunch or quick pick up 
10/31   Science 8:30-11:30/Math 12:30-3:30
11/5      SS 8:30-11:30

Schedule for the Week:
Monday, October 22, 2012
A Day
Writing Strategies for LEP students in all content areas – multipurpose room during each conference period.
7:50 Science DC Meeting through Advisory
1:00 Leadership Team Meeting
3:30 SS Tutorials
3:30 Math Planning
5:00 C Team Volleyball Game @ NMS

Tuesday, October 23, 2012
B Day
Lions Club food
8:30 Meet with Logan
9:30 Walkthroughs with Yes Prep
3:30 Math Tutorials
3:30 SS Planning
4:30 Check in with Yes
5:00 Football v. Spring Oaks @ SWHS

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
A Day
Technology Inventory
7:50 Faculty Meeting
9:00 Val meets with Lynette B.
3:30 ELA PLanning
3:30 Science Tutorials
5:00 Volleyball v. Spring Forest @ SFMS

Thursday, October 25, 2012
B Day
Technology Inventory
12:30-3:00 Elementary Strings concert in Theater
3:30 ElA Tutorials
3:30 Science Planning
4:15 Alley Theater Extension training for 8th grade teachers @ NMS Theater
6:00 Parent Center used by ACE Grant for Vendor Training

Friday, October 26, 2012
A Day
Technology Inventory
ACE Field Trip UT
8:30-3:30 ELA Data Analysis
9:00 Kid Team Meeting
2:00 Office Meeting

Have a most awesome week!!


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