NMS Faculty Bulletin 10-29-2012

Science Lab on Pangea in Cassie’s class

The photo above is one of Cassie’s 8th grade science class doing a lab on Pangea.  The kids were using a lit candle, there were about 12 adult visitors in the class, and the students were awesome!  Congrats Cassie on a job well done!!

The first 9 weeks is over!  I can’t believe we have only 9 weeks until Christmas vacation!  There is a lot to be done between now and then!  Honestly, we don’t have a moment to waste!  Continue to teach with the sense of urgency that you have been – we have to prepare our students for T-2-4!  Please teach with questions using Blooms Taxonomy – please ask questions on the higher end!  That is how we make our teaching more rigorous!  We can do this – go Team NMS!

Formative Assessment – I put an article about Exit tickets in your box – just trying to help add to your tool box!  As we visit in classrooms, we are looking for all the ways that teachers are using formative assessment to drive the teaching in the classroom!  The dry erase boards, active votes, and response cards are all ways to use formative assessment to make instructional decisions in your classroom!

Manager 10/9-10/12 10/15-10/19 10/22-10/26
Steve Barry 7/11 9/11 7/11
Kathy Green 10/11 7/11
Valerie Johnson 6/10 9/10 7/10
Tracey Reap 13/10 3/14 11/14

Above are the weekly walk-throughs for each manager.

The first 9 weeks is over – so we are going to look at our data comparing last year’s discipline data to this year’s discipline data.  We want to see how our culture is beginning to change.  The first 9 weeks is complete – now is not the time to let up on our high standards of excellence.  Now is the time to expect even more from our kids!  Remember how slippery the slope can be.  When you ask for 100% in your classroom – you have to mean 100% and don’t continue until you have that amount!  We all need to be using the same terminology – SLANT!  One of the techniques in TLAC, positive framing – is also very helpful and crucial in classroom management.  If you are narrating what you WANT the students to be doing – instead of what you WANT the students not to be doing – you can be more successful.  Kids can’t argue when you tell them what you want them to do!  But they can give you every excuse in the book when you ask them to stop doing something!  Each class period is only 47 minutes – so every minute has to count!  The students in your class need to know that you value every minute and none of them can be wasted!  I see so many teachers having their students work from bell to bell!  You all are doing an amazing job!  Let’s look at the discipline numbers from the first 9 weeks last year and compare them to our discipline numbers for the first 9 weeks this year!!

Grade 11-12OSS 12-13OSS 11-12ISS 12-13ISS 11-12DAEP 12-13DAEP
6th grade 9 19 0 0
7th grade 8 12 70 47 1 1 – finishing from last year
8th grade 6 11 34 20 5

 The two numbers in red (# of kids in ISS first 9 weeks) are smaller for both grades than last year.  The numbers for Out of School Suspension (OSS) are a little bigger, but not much.  Awesome work – keep your expectations high!  Our standards of excellence must be kept where our students will achieve the most!  Congratulations to you for the work you have done so far!  The culture goal is to reduce ISS and OSS assignments by 30% overall.  OSS assignments are approximately the same for the totals of all three grade levels:  28 assignments v. 29 assignments.  ISS has been reduced the first 9 weeks overall from 234 assignments to 86 assignments for all three grade levels combined.

Next week I will have all of the CBQ data on the bulletin so everyone can begin to track our progress towards our goals!

The ELA had a great data analysis meeting on Friday!  I want to thank the ELA department for being so prepared, having already studied their data and action plans created.  I can’t wait to see the work going on in the classrooms that was discussed on Friday!  Great work ELA teachers!

Please be sure that someone is on duty in the hallways!  There have been times in the last weeks where the bell rings, I go in the hallway and I don’t see any adult in some of the areas.  It is critical that everyone be on duty at the scheduled time and location – including before school.  Thanks!

Just a reminder that Monday is the 2nd training for LEP Writing Strategies in the multi-purpose room during your Conference Time!  This is a mandatory training for all core teachers!  Please be sure that you sign in!  Thank you!!

Here is the schedule for week:

Monday, October 29, 2012
B Day
Writing Strategies for LEP students in all Content Areas #2 in Multi-purpose room
1:00 ILT meeting
3:30 Social Studies Tutorials
3;30 Math Planning
5:00 C Team Volleyball @ NMS

Tuesday, October 30, 2012
A Day
8:00 Val @ meeting
12:00 Val meets with Ro
12:30 Tracey and Kathy @ ICLE
3:30 Math Tutorials
3:30 Social Studies Planning
4:45 Val @ meeting
5:00 Football v. Spring Forest @ SHS

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
B Day
8:30 Science Data Day B117
12:30 Math Data Day B117
3:30 ELA Planning
3:30 Science Tutorials

Thursday, November 1, 2012
A Day
8:30 Student council meets with Val
3:30 ElA Tutorials
3:30 Science Planning
4:30-7:00 Community Night
5:00 Volleyball v. SWMS @ NMS

Friday, November 2, 2012
B Day
9:00 Kid Team Meeting
2:00 Front Office Meeting

Have a great weekend!!


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