NMS Faculty Bulletin 11-12-2012

 Standards of Excellence – You are in charge of your standards!

Dan Meyer’s said:
Your staff and your guests are always moving your salt shaker off-center.  That’s their job.  It is the job of life.  It’s the law of entropy! Until you understand that, you’re going to get mad every time someone moves the salt shaker off-center.  It is NOT your job to get upset.  You just need to understand:  That’s what they do.  Your job is to move the shaker back each time and let them know exactly what you stand for.  Let them know what excellence looks like.  If you are ever willing to let them decide where the center is, then I want you to give them the keys to the store.  Just give away the restaurant.

Last week at PD we used Dan Meyer’s article and you all worked in groups to discuss  Standards of Excellence and maintaining those standards!  Thank you again for your participation in the PD and your honest reflections.  The take away for me is – I can’t lower my standards for what I expect from you – and teachers can’t lower their standards for what they expect from students.  Every student does count and getting 100% is worth the wait.  If you don’t get 100% – that student must be dealt with during that class period.  Your students are watching you and waiting to see what you do if someone is not giving 100%.  I think everyone at NMS knows that students will attempt to move your salt shaker daily!  It is how we handle the attempt – with constant, gentle pressure that determines whether it gets moved or not.  

Here are walk-through numbers for last week:

Observer 10/9-10/12 10/15-10/19 10/22-10/26 10/29-11/2 11/5-11/9
Steve Barry 7/11 9/11 7/11 3/11 3/11
Kathy Green 10/11 7/11 3/11 9/11
Valerie Johnson 6/10 9/10 7/10 1/10 7/10
Tracey Reap 13/10 3/14 11/14 1/14 7/14

Monday is the 3rd and final ELL and TELPAS writing strategies PD during your conference.  Please be sure to attend the final one – in the multi-purpose room.
Faculty Meeting – There is a faculty meeting this Wednesday morning.
Each department is meeting to have their Chapter 1 book study on Teach Like A Champion.  I hear the math department had a really good meeting – Snap to you all!!   Snap! Snap!
This week there are going to be several visitors in the building – some for the Knights and some for the Rockets!  Please make sure someone is on duty in the hallways!

Important:  As most of you know – NMS has a giant walk-in safe in the office.  That safe is for office staff only.  We have had some items missing from the safe – I know that none of your are in the safe taking things that don’t belong to you – this is to PROTECT YOU!  Thank you so much, if you need anything from the safe – ask anyone who works in the office and they will be happy to get it for you!

Several teachers met on Friday morning to work on an Final Exam schedule.  That will be coming out this week for you all to look at and give input.  Once we know everyone has seen it, and it is the best it can be, we will get out a final copy!

Here is the schedule for the week:

Monday, November 12, 2012
B Day
Tracey @ Ad Bldg.
8:00 -9:00 ELA TLAC Book study – ELA students go to gym for advisory
9:00 NMS Writing Strategies for LEP #3 – multi – purpose room
1:00 Leadership Team Meeting
3:30 Social Studies Tutorials
3:30 Math Planning
3:30 Boys Basketball Tryouts

Tuesday, November 13, 2012
A Day
8:00 Science TLAC Book Study
8:30 TE and NMS meeting
3:00 Master Scheduling meeting @ Ad Bldg.
3:30 Boys Basketball tryouts
3:30 Math Tutorials
3:30 SS Planning
4:45 NMS Principal check-in with Yes
6:30 Civic Association meeting in NMS cafeteria

Wednesday, November 14, 2012
B Day
7:50 Faculty Meeting – MPR
3:30 ELA Planning
3:30 Science Tutorials
3:30 Boys Basketball tryouts
6:00 Basketball clinic for coaches

Thursday, November 15, 2012
A Day
7:45 Math Department to visit Work Stations at Edgewood – students go to old gym for Advisory
7:50 Val meeting with Yes
7:50 SS TLAC Book Study  – SS teacher’s students go to old gym for Advisory – Minga, Katherine, and counselors on duty in old gym @ 8:25
There are a lot of people in meetings on this morning – if you are NOT math or SS, please be on duty – there will be several people missing – Thank you for filling in!
9:00 Asst. Principal Meeting – board room
11:30 Give Thanks to Our Mentors Luncheon – Parent Center
3:30 ELA Tutorials
3:30 Science Planning
3:45 Math Stations PD in Jen Rivera’s room 1C
6:00 Parent Success Meeting – cafeteria
7:00 Fall Band Concert – Theater

Friday, November 16, 2012
B Day
7:50 ELA Department to visit Work Stations at Edgewood – students go to old gym for Advisory
8:00 CIT members to HCDE for PD
11:30 Stellar Knight Awards – Trustworthiness
2:00 NMS Front office Meeting


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