NMS Faculty Bulletin 12-10-12

Rockets and Knights PDJPG

Knights and Rockets PD – Great work!

Thank you for your great work on Wednesday’s PD.  I very much appreciate all of you who took the time to answer the survey!  In order for us to make PD what you need and want – we need your input!  So, thanks again.  Here is some of the feedback that you shared on the survey:

35 people responded to the survey

88% Strongly agreed or agreed that everyone adhered to the meeting norms.  11% somewhat agreed.

74.2% Strongly agreed or agreed that the Amazing Race session gave me immediate take-aways to use in my classroom.  20% somewhat agreed.  5.71% Disagreed

74.2% Strongly agreed or agreed that today I made a personal connection with someone from the partner school. 14.29% somewhat agreed.  5.71% Disagreed and 5.71% Strongly Disagreed

Here are some of the responses from the Open Ended questions:

One thing I learned from today’s session…..
Names of students
Sentence stems from different content
I loved Alli’s timeline word wall.  I’d like to make mine interactive like hers.
I need to get to know my students better
Building relationships are key to student success and academic achievement in the classroom
We have a lot to learn from each other!  Many people are doing great things for kids!
I was reminded that students do not care how much you know until they know how much you care…. and showing interest each day is totally life-changing for many.

The best part of the session was….
Not sitting in the MPR all afternoon and working with other curriculum areas
I enjoyed getting to be creative with my teammates!  Creativity makes everything better!
The debrief….It was nice discussing techniques.
The “J” factor.  We just had fun and experienced “JOY”
Participating with a team in the race
Time in our group
Not having to sit for hours while someone talked
Interacting with the Yes Prep team and trading ideas
The photo sharing
getting out of our seats and participating hands on
Moving around, loved the scavenger hunt idea.  I have wanted to do sentence stems for so long and finally had the opportunity
Being able to bond with our partner school and learn more about the teachers we don’t usually see on a daily basis

Suggestions for improving future PD meetings is….
more time to work/collaborate on things we need to do for instruction
let us get out and about
less race… more focused, in-depth discussions.  Racing makes people rush.
have time to share resources and plan together with Yes Prep
more of this type 
Think this was on the spot
Keep with high energy
for next PD – allow more time to learn more about the subjects we teach and best practices
no suggestions except we should do this more
As teachers we learn by doing and seeing, so more of this type of PD was very helpful

What would you like to learn in future PD sessions…
content specialty is good, but more cross-curricular
Content integration and IPad apps for the content area
More ELL info
using technology to help ELL students
Technology integration for ELA
management / Love and Logic
Work more with Yes – liked the clapping countdown, is there more like that?
Classroom management
Technology integration
love to hear the Elective perspective – teaching Knights and Rockets side by side
stations used for specific content

Thank you for your feedback!

Staying in line with the PD on Wednesday – we will be looking and listening for students answering questions in complete sentences in classrooms.  Chances are, they may not do so right away – that is ok – that gives you great opportunity to teach and model how that looks and sounds, and how students can use the sentence stems to  “Sound College Bound”!!!  This will take some doing on our part – but just thing how powerful we can be if every teacher in the building insists on students answering in complete sentences!  We can outnumber them!!  If we attach these ELL strategies and techniques and use them with word walls, intentional vocabulary teaching and having language aims and objectives – we can make great gains for our students!  Your CIT is planning PD for this for the January 7, 2013 PD day.  

Please send an email to your Manager and let them know what day you are giving your CBQ.  Thanks

Just an FYI:
 – the coke machines are now $1.25  Boo!

Here is the schedule for the week – It is busy!
Monday, December 10, 2012
A Day
9:30 Office Robinson Gang Prevention Program meet with Val and Tracey
1:00 Leadership Team Meeting
3:30 SS Tutorials
3:30 Math Planning
Boys Basketball – multiple locations
Girls Basketball @ NMS
5:30 Yes Prep meeting Cafeteria

Tuesday, December 11, 2012
B Day
8:30 6th & 7th Honor Roll Celebrations cafeteria lobby
9:30 Construction meeting
3:30 Math Tutorials
3:30 SS Planning
4:30 Cross Country Meet @ LMS

Wednesday, December 12, 2012
A Day
7:50 Faculty Meeting
8:30 8th grade Honor Roll Celebration cafeteria lobby
11:00 8th grade transition luncheon @ SWHS
3:30 ELA Planning
3:30 Science Tutorials

Thursday, December 13, 2012
B Day
7:50 DC Meeting in conference room
3:30 ElA Tutorials

3:30 Science Planning

6:00 Theater Arts Production “Santa Napped” in cafeteria

7:00 Holiday Concert in New Gym

Friday, December 14, 2012
A Day
9:00 Holiday Concert for Elementary Students
1:30 Holiday Concert for NMS – students come with 5th period teacher – will call by area to come to new gym – look for more info to come
3:30-5:15 Winter Dance

Have a most productive week!!

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