NMS Faculty Bulletin 1-22-13


LEP Strategies
Wow!  Everyone has really talked so highly of the ELL training from last week!  I am excited to see those strategies being put to use in the classrooms.  I know that those strategies are going to make a difference for our LEP students.  As we come into the classes, we are so excited to see our students using:
sentence stems, speaking in complete sentences, creating word walls with pictures, Think, Pair, Share, using word banks, essential vocabulary,language objectives, and  lots of content writing!  This will make the difference for our LEP students!!

The ELA department went to the Texas ELA conference in Dallas.  I went too, and we heard some really great speakers.  We heard an author on Saturday who was awesome.  We want him to come speak to our kids!  They would relate to him!  We learned a lot of great vocabulary games and ways to make vocab relevant in your classrooms.  These will be shared at facultly meetings.  We also got to hear Victoria Young, from TEA, and she had very valuable information about the 7th grade writing test.  I think the biggest message for NMS is that the 7th grade ELA teachers can’t do it alone!  That is where the writing in the content areas in all grades becomes so important!

Important ICU information:  Please Read!
Students must come to ICU with agendas filled out. If a student does not have an agenda, please have the student come purchase one from Mrs. Martinez for $5.  We have a whole semester left – they all need an agenda.  
Teachers must sign, stamp, or otherwise indicate on the student agenda when students do not have homework.
On Kickboard:  Please put what the assignment was that landed a student in ICU – that will shut down all of the arguing in ICU – Very important!  For example:  HW pg. 225.  Also – if a student was in ICU for a certain assignment, doesn’t do it, when you reassign the ICU – please indicate that it is a reassignment and the assignment again.  We will be able to assist you better with that information.  
Beginning next Monday – January 28  – students may only be sent to ICU for incompletion of Homework, not classwork.  ICU is for Homework only.  If a student does not complete their classwork, and you assign it to be completed at home, if they don’t complete it then, it would be an ICU assignment.  If you believe you have special circumstances, please get with your AP.
If a student does not give you the HW when you ask for it, but brings it to you later that day – they do not go to ICU.  ICU is technically not a consequence, it is a place to get HW done.  If they get it done, they don’t go.  Please remove from the ICU list if you get it before 3:15.  Otherwise, please send an email to all the AP’s.  

Culture Corner:  from the AP’s
6th grade

The 6th Grade students have been doing a tremendous job leaving the cafeteria a better place than they found it.  The tables are being wiped down and many are using brooms to leave the floor as spotless as possible.  I have noticed many random acts of kindness this past week from students holding open doors, turning in lost materials such as binders, library books, and jackets,  Also we have had several incidents of 6,7 and 8th grade students helping others when they are having issues and coming to get an adult to help.  Kathy and I want to thank all of the teachers and staff members who helped on Friday, came down to the office to offer us assistance during their conference periods, all of the help you were giving subs and most of all, all of the adult supervision in the hallways.  It made the day great!!!  

7th grade:
Many teachers are forming a united front with leaving a place better that you found it. They are taking the time at the end of class to make sure that all supplies are put up and the room is neat and organized before the students are dismissed. We began this conversation in Town Hall and it is continuing in the classrooms.
Special kudos to Area 1 for the above. 

8th grade
I have been taken aback by our students exhibiting the value of Kindness.  They are very accepting of others.

Schedule for the week:
Tuesday, January 22, 2013
A Day
8:30 Val @ meeting Technology Center
Inform students of testing teaching and room number
4:30 Cross Country District Meet

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
B Day
No Advisories – 6th grade has extra long first period of the day, 7th and 8th go to testing rooms
7th and 8th grade Released STAAR Testing
7:15 Val @ meeting
7:50 Optional Faculty Meeting – Odyssesy Training 2nd Round
12:00 Val @ meeting
5:15 Boys basketball @ multiple locations
5:15 Girls Basketball @ NMS

Thursday, January 24, 2013
A Day
No Advisories – 6th grade has extra long first period of the day, 7th and 8th go to testing rooms
7th and 8th grade Released STAAR Testing
9:00 Val @ Ad Bldg.
12:30 Tracey and Kathy @ TELPAS training
3:00 SkY Partnership meeting room 275

Friday, January 25, 2013
B day 
Released STAAR Makeup Day
8:00 Behavior Training in 2G with Christy Turner
9:00 Kid Team meeting
12:00 Val @ meeting

Have a wonderfully productive week!!


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