NMS Faculty Bulletin 2-11-2013


As we work to prepare our students for post secondary education – let’s remember our mission:  We are preparing our students for greatness! Only aiming for passing the STAAR is not greatness – that is just a needed requirement to pass 8th grade.  We are part of a much bigger goal and that is for all students to complete some form of post secondary education!  The STAAR is just a small step on their way!  Our mission specifically states “with no excuses, anything is possible”  This month – we are focusing on no excuses!  I am going to make that a focus for me – No excuses!  No excuses for the the adults or students – let’s attack our jobs and make it happen. 


I am posting this in my office so I don’t forget!

Congratulations again to Cassie Seelbach for being NMS Teacher of the Year!  Congrats to all who were nonimated!

I was in several classrooms this week and heard teachers asking students to answer again in complete sentences and in many instances the students were already doing it without being asked.  They will do it – it will be up to us to EXPECT them to do so!  Some of us visited at SWMS on Friday afternoon and we saw some great examples of students answering in complete sentences in math!  This can be a game changer – please make it happen in your classroom!  Remember – no excuses!

Town Hall – Monday of this week!  We want to begin our week with the right focus!  This way – teachers can take the messages delivered during Town Hall and carry them through the week!  

Culture Corner: 
6th grade:  This month we are working on no excuses and continue kindness. While working on the values we will have a joint Knights and Rockets activities on Thursday afternoon. We are excited to see our whole 6th grade group together!! 

7th grade:  7th grade teachers are awesome!! They are working so hard at preparing the kids for the next steps. Snaps to them!! All of us in the 7th grade are still tackling Kindness! It will be a work in progress but some headway has been noticed. Teachers, keep up the work with our Knights!!

8th grade:  To the 8th grade students who helped with the 5th graders–We act in a way that leaves a lasting impression. Students did an excellent job presenting to the fifth graders and were very helpful as tour guides. Their behavior was exemplary and they represented what it means to be a Knight. 

Shout Outs:
A big shout out to the Life Skills Team.  They won a big award and will be traveling to Austin to receive it.  They have done amazing work with the Deaf/Blind Association and they are being recognized for their very hard work! Snap snap!

Notice to Departments and Department Chairs:
As the school prepared for Pam Brown’s retirement party – we are asking that each department sign up to bring some items to the party.  The party is Thursday, February 21 @ 4:00 in the Parent Center!  PTA is taking care of the gift as well as creating the cake. Stephanie Walton is making the gift!  Thank you PTA and Steph.  Invitations are going out this week.  Here are the items that departments can sign up for.  The DC’s sign up by emailing me their choice.  The theme is Wizard of Oz – there is no place like home – also Kuddos to Steph for that idea!    We anticipate about 50 -60 people attending.  Please choose from the items below:  

Paper goods (cups, plates, napkins and forks – yellow and red)
Cut up veggies
bottled waters
Thanks again!

Here is our schedule for the week:
Monday, February 11, 2103
A Day
8:30 Town Hall Meeting
1:00 Leadership Team Meeting
3:30 First track practice

Tuesday, February 12, 2013
B Day
8:00 6th Grade level meeting in 4B
8:45 TE meeting
11:00 STAAR Test Security Training Val
4:00 Knights and Rockets Focus Group meeting – conference room

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
A Day
8:30 SkY Walk throughs

Thursday, February 14, 2013
Happy Valentines Day
B Day
8:00 Principal’s Meeting
11:0-1:00 Parent Center Luncheon for SBISD Police
1:00 Knights and Rockets in old gym through at least 6th period

Friday, February 15, 2013
A Day
7:50 DC Meeting – send students to advisory in gym
9:00 Kid Team Meeting
3:30 – 5:30  Valentine’s Dance – Anyone who could give us some of your time to help chaperone would be great!  It is a hoot watching them!!  Thanks in advance for  your support!

Have a most productive week!


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