NMS Faculty Bulletin 2-18-2013


This is our value for the next couple of weeks!  I had a student in my office this week, who had a lot of excuses – we pulled up the Nike Basketball No Excuses video on You Tube – we showed it to kids during Knight Camp. It is a great video if you want to show it again!!   NMS is a No Excuse Zone!!



This was the combined Town Hall between the Knights and the Rockets on Friday!  The kids did well – there was a question and answer time, two structured activities and then intramurals time.  We hope to get the 6th grade Knights and Rockets together monthly from here on out. Thanks Tracey and Cendie for getting it together and a special thanks to the R’ights for representing each organization!  (R’rights = Rockets + Knights)

TELPAS – Today is the first day you can begin collecting TELPAS writing samples and the window will close on March 1.  Tracey went over this at faculty meeting last Wednesday, but if you have any questions or concerns, please ask!  She also emailed you the prompt form.  Each class does 2 writing samples; the first one being finished by Feb. 22 and the second one by March 1. We want all of our LEP students to do well and show growth in their writing!  Thank you in advance for being advocates for your kids and making sure they give good samples!  

Heads Up:
Next Wednesday is another early released day for NMS and Yes Prep.  We will be having a combined PD that afternoon – with dinner in the parent center to follow.  You will have a choice of PD’s to attend.  I will get the list of choices out to you soon.  This is just a reminder to get the date on your calendar.  

The Tripod survey is being delivered to campuses this week.  Remember the Tripod is a survey taken by the kids.  Each individual teacher gets results back and I get results as a whole for the school.  Directions will be coming to you soon!

Shout Outs!
A big shout out to the 6th grade advisory teachers who are going to help the 6th grade ELA teachers by giving the AIMSweb fluency test on the computer to some of their 6th grade advisory class!  Snap Snap!

I would like to shout out band – for creating prompts for their LEP students, and starting the TELPAS writing today!  Way to be on top of it and get it done!  Snap Snap!

NMS Goals for 2012-2013
1.  100% of students at NMS will score a 70% or better on the STAAR exams.
2.  99% of NMS students will be in the classroom every day for the 2012-2013 school year as measured by Skyward student discipline data.
3.  Each teacher will receive a walk-through per week with written feedback on that visit.  The feedback will be discussed every two weeks during the 03′s for the 2012-2013 school year.  

How are you progressing towards your goals?  What action steps do you need to take to make sure you meet your goals between now and the end of the year?  We are working towards 100% of our students scoring a 70% or better on the STAAR – we need to know where all of our kids are and how they are performing!  Remember – EXIT tickets are one form of formative assessment.  How are you assessing your kids each day?  Be sure you land that plane where you want to land it!!!

Culture Corner:
7th grade:  The 7th grade has been moving everyone’s salt shaker lately. Lets all hang tight and put it back in its place before we let them make us crazy!! Just keep working at showing them the right path. Thank you all for what you do each day with our 7th grade knights!!


8th grade:  The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow—Our student council students did an excellent job last week with the selling of the candy grams and the Valentine’s dance.  Their leadership was essential to the success of both endeavors.  

Are your students answering you in complete sentences?  Are you preteaching vocabulary?  Are you writing a langauge objective and putting it on your board?  Do you have essential vocabulary listed on the board for each lesson?  Are students sharing ideas and rehearsing their English with others at their tables?  There are all the ELL strategies that we are looking for!  I am seeing it in a lot of classes!  Let’s make this a school wide endeavor – it happens in all classrooms!!

Schedule for the week:

Monday, February 18, 2013
B Day
First day for TELPAS writing
NMS 8th graders doing on-line course requests for NHS
1:00 Leadership Team Meeting

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
A Day
NMS 8th graders doing on-line requests for NHS
8:45 NMS and TE meeting

Wednesday, February 20., 2013
B Day
6th grade on-line requests Oliu’s class
12:30 TELPAS Training – board room
4:00 Math Curriculum Meeting

Thursday, February 21, 2013
A Day
7:50 DC Meeting
9:00 Asst. Principal Meeting
4:00 Pam Brown’s Retirement Party – Parent Center

Friday, February 22, 2013
B Day
Trail Riders and No Place for Hate – more info to come – but we are going to put out the pinwheels for peace in time for the Trail Riders to pass by!
Yes Pre – no school
9:00 Kid Team Meeting
1:30 Plan with Cendie

Have a most productive week!


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