NMS Faculty Bulletin 2-25-2013


Trail Riders – I know many of you have better pictures – I got out there at the end!  Great job on the pin wheels for peace!  Thank you Jan for putting it together!  Thanks all advisory teachers for making it happen!!


No Excuses!

NMS Goals for 2012-2013
1.  100% of students at NMS will score a 70% or better on the STAAR exams.
2.  99% of NMS students will be in the classroom every day for the 2012-2013 school year as measured by Skyward student discipline data.
3.  Each teacher will receive a walk-through per week with written feedback on that visit.  The feedback will be discussed every two weeks during the 03′s for the 2012-2013 school year.  

Those are our goals above!  How are your students doing on all students mastering each AIM at 70% or better?  NMS must make AYP this year -and we will do so if we are teaching for mastery, knowing where our students are (formative assessment) and using our ELL strategies.  Our expectations must be high and we must be teaching with rigor and relevance.  Turn the heavy lifting over to the students – do not work harder than your kids!  They have to do the work!!  

I am seeing lots of classes working on their TELPAS writing.  That is awesome!  I am also really pleased with all of the classrooms I have been in as I hear students answering in complete sentences.  When students have to put it all together to answer in a complete sentence – I know they are learning it more deeply than just giving a one word answer.  Keep up the great work – this must become habit in every single classroom!!

I hope you all signed up for your choices for PD on our early release day this Wednesday.  Everyone will attend two 50 minute sessions.  There will be dinner in the parent center after we are done!  I am excited about this opportunity – I am really happy that you all have choices and can attend what is more interesting or more of a need for you!  

Released Testing  – all grade levels are released STAAR testing this week.  Wednesday – math and science, Thursday – reading and SS, depending on your grade.  Schedules will come out soon.  Remember – Wednesday is an early release day as well.  If you have any questions – please ask – for many of you this is your first released test!!  We definitely want our kids to take it seriously – this is good data for us!  

Culture Corner:
The 7th grade is working on grit and perseverance becoming stronger for the STAAR and TELPAS. Thank you to all who work with 7th grade – you are a gritty group w mucho perseverance.
Turn in your names to Ms. Medina for students who “work hard, are committed, and have ambition”  They will have a celebration for those students  during lunch on Friday, March 1!

Shout Outs!
A shout out to Jan – for Pin Wheels for Peace!  A Shout Out to Tracey for getting the Girl’s Conference organized and ready to go on Saturday!  Shout Outs to Katie G., LIndsey and Mary Dawn for getting ready to embark on a new reading program in 6th grade reading intervention class!
I want to shout out the DC’s for the hard work they are doing in our DC meetings!  As we have worked this year on beginning to change student culture – we are now also going to look at, “How do you change the adult culture?  How do we hold each other accountable?  How do you have difficult conversations with peers?”  These are not easy conversations – they make us all uncomfortable, but they are necessary!   There is no growth without feedback!  NMS must be about the growth!  Thank you DC’s for your work!
Snaps to all!!

Here is the schedule for this week:
Monday, February 25, 2013
A Day
8:30 Town Hall – 7th and 8th grade only

On-line course selection 6th grade (Smith)
Report Card grades due for Yes Prep
Apple Tables delivered and assembled in library
1:00 LT Meeting
3:45 NMS Extra and Co-curricular meeting
6:00 Character with Out Question Award Night @ NHS – congrats to Lexie Morin

Tuesday, February 26, 2013
B Day
Town Hall – 6th grade only

On-line course selection 6th grade (Guevara)
7:50  – 8:45 CIT Meeting – send advisory to gym
8:45 TE Meeting
4:00 Yes/NMS Academic Focus Group meeting – conference room

Wednesday, February 27, 2013
A Day
Early Release Day – 2:00  – FREE JEANS DAY
6th and 7th grade Math Released STAAR Testing, 8th grade Science  STAARTesting
8:30 STAAR Training – Board room, Mr. Barry
9:30 Val meeting
2:00 PD in MPR – come as soon as you release students.

Thursday, February 28, 2013
B Day
6th and 7th grade Reading Released STAAR, 8th grade Released Social Studies STAAR

Friday, March 1, 2013
A Day
7:50 DC Meeting – conference room
8:30 8th grade Science Data Day – B117
9:00 Kid Team meeting


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