What I will Commit to in order to make NMS a positive institution…..

be positive

In making Northbrook Middle School a positive institution I commit to:

Find ways to connect with that one student that I have not been able to bond with….

I will be more encouraging and positive when talking to other teachers.  I will try to ask others how they are doing and be a good listener.

I will praise students more!!!

I will try to see the students’ perspective.  I will not take things personally.  I will seek encouragement and advice from colleagues to make NMS a better environment.

Communicate with AP’s about consequences in order to be effective.

I will communicate with other teachers/staff to look for new methods that are successful with our kids.

Communicate with AP’s and stay positive.

I will try not to use pervasive statements about my students.

Not being pervasive.

I will work at being positive and solution focused.  To contribute to making NMS an excellent and positive school system.  I will also collaborate with others and assume the best.

I will stop before speaking and ask myself:
          ….Is this positive?
          ….Is this really what I mean/feel
          ….How would this make others feel/me/school/kid?

One thing I will commit to doing is making more positive statements to my students.

I will not reinforce negative attitudes of my colleagues.

I will not vent in a place where students might hear me.  I will ask to meet in my room.

When I don’t get along with a child, I will find a teacher who works well with them and find out what they are doing with them and what works.

I will not talk negatively about students in the copy room.

I will watch the negative generalizations or talk about students or a class to others.

Ask for help.

Support other staff members.

Make positive comments to encourage students who are not doing the daily work.

 I will focus on the kids who are doing the right thing when I feel frustrated.

Acting in a way that contributes to an excellent school system.

I commit to remaining positive 100% of the time regardless of the situations that arise.

Stay calm and be positive.

“You can get smart” and communicate belief and confidence in messages to all students.

I will commit to helping a teacher with “that kid” whenever “that kid” is one that I have a positive relationship with.

Make more of an effort to reach specific students.

I will ask about a consequence, rather than complain about it.

I will not speak negatively about our school.

I will be proactive instead of reactive when students frustrate me.  I ‘ll put the responsibility back on the students instead of reacting negatively.

Participate everyday in a positive way.

I will not say negative statements to any student.

Seek advice from colleagues concerning low achieving students.

I can commit to influence colleagues toward ideas as I have been doing throughout the year.

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