NMS Faculty Bulletin 4-8-2013


Optimism is our value the next couple of weeks!  This ties in with hope and happiness!  In order for anyone to be successful  – they must have hope and know that the hard work today will pay off for them in the future!  As teachers, we can’t let students shut down – we must provide them hope for the future – that it is in their hands to do what needs to be done, and that we are here to help them do just that!

STAAR Testing – Wow!  Thank you Steve and Lesli for your great work on the STAAR testing!  It was smooth sailing!  Thanks to everyone for helping, whether you were holding down the fort, giving breaks, giving breaks to the breakgivers, or watching kids outside, thank you for working as a team and creating a great testing situation for our kids!  One set of testing down, another to go!

Like I said last week – As we work towards the home stretch – we all want to use the same terminology!  When you want students to show you that they are ready to go – be sure you are using the terms “SLANT” in each of your classes.  We become a powerful force when we all have the same expectations and aks for the behaviors in the same way!  Have your students sign-in and out to go to the restroom.  Be sure if a student leaves your room – they have a pass!  Everyone participating in these routines and expectations will help us have a smooth last 9 weeks!  Thank you in advance for doing so!

There will be visitors this week – Monday and Tuesday for sure.  One group is coming to see routines and procedures – so the above paragraph is important!  Honestly – it you guys are doing amazing work with your kids!  I am very proud of what you have accomplished this year!  We are not there yet – but what a difference a year makes!  The staff at NMS is truly amazing!

Good luck to the NMS Band and Orchestra this week!  UIL is here and I know they will do great!

Culture Corner from the AP’s:
6th grade:   6th Grade has been almost 100% at ICU/ detention this past week!!! Students and teachers have been working hard before, during and after school in math and the LA STAAR Olympics. The students are really showing grit and not giving up. 

7th grade:   First round of STAAR completed!! The 7th grade teachers are awesome in preparing our students. The goal we set at the beginning of the year can be a reality. 70% and Beyond !!! Let’s keep holding the kids accountable and responsible as we hit the road hard on the last journey of 7th grade.  I appreciate all of you for the job you do everyday – our students are lucky!!

8th grade:  The 8th graders worked hard on their STAAR tests.  Many teachers commented on how seriously they took their tests and the determination and grit that they demonstrated!

Next Monday, April 15 – Free Dress for students who can purchase it!

Here is the schedule for the week:
Monday, April 8, 2013
A Day
Town Hall Meetings – 6th grade – old gym
7th & 8th grade Boys – Cafeteria
7th & 8th grade Girls – Theater
3:30 Orchestra Practice in orchestra room

Tuesday, April 9, 2013
B Day
Yes Prep District meeting in MPR 8-4
7:50 DC Meeting -DC advisory kids go to gym for advisory
Report cards given out during advisory
6:00 pm Orchestra Practice in Orchestra room

Wednesday, April 10, 2013
A Day
Band UIL
8:30 Orchestra Practice
2:00 Early Dismissal
2:00 Orchestra practice

Thursday, April 11, 2013
B Day
8:30 Orchestra Practice
8:30 CBE Spanish Exam 1- Theater
4:00 Student Teacher Tea @ Ad Bldg

Friday, April 12, 2013
A Day
Orchestra UIL
9:00 Kid Team meeting
7:30-9:00 Cinderella Project

Saturday, April 13, 2013
Student Athletes Physical Day

Have a very productive week!!


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