NMS Facutly Bulletin 4-15-2013


Optimism – We are commited to helping students see their glass is half full!  Zest is a critical character trait for success!  How do we as adults, model optimism and a zest for our jobs in front of our kids?  

This is the last week of full instruction before the STAAR test next week!  Use every moment and make them all count!  Remember our goal is for all students to score a 70% or higher!  

I got to attend several of the PD sessions last Wednesday.  The foldables was a really informative session for me.  I loved hearing about the different kinds and how the lesson wasn’t about how to fold – and not to get caught up in that aspect of it!  Alana packed a great punch in her session on questioning!  Summed up in a sentence it would be:  You have to plan for higher level questions – they are very difficult to come up with on the fly!  Thanks Jose and Angelica for the presentation on Class Dojo!  That was all new learning for me – I have only seen it used!  I hope everyone completed the survey!  The feedback is so important and we want to keep giving you all what you want – and we can only do that with your feedback!

Absences – There were many people out on Friday.  It is getting to that time of year where teachers are getting tired, and may be needing a day off.  However, when many teachers call in for a Friday, we end up with not enough subs in the building.  We then have to pull other teachers off their regular duties to cover teachers classes where a sub has not been secured.  Co-teachers end up being pulled out of their co-teach classes to take classrooms.  It just isn’t a good situation all the way around.  The best remedy for this is to be sure you have secured a sub if at all possible.  I understand emergencies arise, I get it, but when possible, be sure you have a secured sub.  It really helps out your fellow teachers!  Thank you.  

If you are a SWEEP Teacher – please be sure you SWEEP every day!  If anyone has any questions or needs help with this – please let me know!

9 week Survey – You all were sent a new climate survey by the district about a month ago – therefore I did not send out the NMS survey monkey.  I didn’t want you inundated with surveys!  There will be on more at the end of the 4th 9 weeks!!

Appraisal – I sent out an email last week to all of NMS regarding the next steps for teachers for your PDAS.  Here is the information again:
By April 17 (Wednesday) you need to:
Go to Eduphoria
Go to: SBISD Teacher Goals – Summative Conference
Go to section 3 and complete and most important, click on SUBMIT
Beginning April 18 – all teachers will have their Summative Conferences during their 03’s through the 30th of April. For the week during STAAR – your manager will let you know the day and time if your 03 is on a testing day.  Look for emails from your manager on when the 03 will be held.  Any questions – please ask!  New teachers – I sent you a separate email – your Summatives will also begin on April 18nd.  

Culture Corner:

Schedule for the week:
Monday, April 15, 2013
B Day
Town Hall – all grades
Report card grades due for Yes Prep
Free dress for students 1525 on paycheck
1:00 Leadership Team Meeting

Tuesday, April 16, 2013
A Day

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
B Day
Nominations for Stellar Knights for Optimism Due

Thursday, April 18, 2013
A Day
9:30 Counselors at meeting
11:00 Val @ meeting
6:00 Yes Prep Report Card pick up

Friday, April 19, 2013
B Day
9:00 Kid Team Meeting

Have a most productive week!!


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