NMS Faculty Bulletin 4-22-2014


Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.  Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.    Helen Keller

This week’s focus is still on Optimism!  It is a great week to be optimistic!  

Much of your hard work is being put to the test this week!  Please be sure you read over the testing directions so that when you stand up in front of the class – you feel confident and ready to administer the test.  The calmer you are – the better for the kids!  You have prepared them and now they will be able to show what they have learned.  I am optimistic about what our students can do.  Please be sure you read all of Steve’s directions regarding location for testing, break givers, lunch times, etc….  I am not going to rewrite it all on here – so you can refer to the email from Steve.  Please, if you have any questions – please ask! Teachers may wear jeans during testing on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.   And… Most importantly, if you issues, concerns, or trouble during the testing – remember to call: 4117

As you think about your plans for next week – keep in mind the PD that you attended on our last early release day and the ELL strategies and techniques we have talked about all year.  Be thinking about your Essential Vocabulary and Language Objectives!  These techniques open the gates for our students!  Keep those gates open wide!

Culture Corner:
6th grade:  This week has been a very active week for 6th grade as they are continuing to focus on their testing next week.  In Townhall we have talked about optimism and many received Scholarly Knight awards for their effort.  I was very proud of the way several students helped this week in various situations standing up for our Knightly Values.  Three boys helped to stop a fight , a group of girls stopped some unkind remarks  being made by a friend and a third group who could not play soccer after school due to weather and supervision assigned themselves to the cafeteria where they were quietly helping each other with homework until the 4:30 bus arrived.  We are really seeing the 6th grade maturing and making Knightly decisions.  Way to go 6th Grade and to the teachers for their hard work!!  Ms. Reap

7th grade:  ‘Success is in the long run about a students’ consistent relationship with productive behaviors.  ’‘School is a laboratory for students; the need to be able to figure out how to behave without seeing you explode. You should expect almost anything, so act as if you expect it and have a plan to deal with it. Tie your emotions to student achievement, not to your own moods or the emotions of the students you teach.’This is so true right now. The kids are trying all of us. Take a look at TLAC before testing, especially page 219 this weekend. It has helped me to see that there is a light in the tunnel.  Ms. Green

8th grade:  After last round of testing, both teachers and students in 8th grade are optimistic about scores coming.  In talking to SS and science teachers – they too are optimistic that the students will give 100% and show their grit on their tests!  Mr. Barry

Here is the schedule for the week – Remember, all of the STAAR schedle information is in an email.

Monday, April 22, 2013
A Day
Last Day to Review for STAAR
Make sure classroom has no posted information inappropriate for testing

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
B Day
STAAR testing 6th and 7th grade Math
8th grade regular schedule – lunch at 11:30

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
A Day
STAAR Testing 6th and 7th grade Reading, 8th grade Science

Thursday, April 25, 2013
B Day
STAAR 8th grade SS and STAAR Makeups
6th and 7th grade eat at regular time – most likely 8th grade will too

Friday, April 26, 2013
A Day

Scoreables returned to warehouse
9:00 Kid Team meeting
5:30 Yes Prep Fundraiser @ Chipotle Grill on NW Freeway

I hope this week is fruitful for us – and reflects the hard work and dedication that you all have done while working with your students!  Keep calm and we will carry on through this week of testing!


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