NMS Faculty Bulletin 5-6-2013


This is Teacher Apprecation Week!  We have several small things planned – nothing that can express our thanks and the kids thanks the way we want to!  But let’s celebrate a little – Let’s wear jeans all week!  Breakfast is on us in the morning in the Parent Center!  If you did not turn in your omelette order – just come on up!  It is going to be delish!  Each teacher will get a long advisory this week – the schedule is down below!  Teaching is a hard job  – but a rewarding one!  The rewards are’t always monetary – but we all knew that when we chose this profession!  Remember – You all MAKE a lot of things that are so important!  I am proud to work with each of you!  I appreciate you!

We are continuing our intervention work in the AM and PM this week!  This is our last full week – thanks again for your understanding and support!  Thank you for being a positive force in our kids lives and being a cheerleader for them!  The small groups work well!  Middle School students will speak up in a small group!  It is really awesome to hear what each of them is thinking! The ones that we desperately need to hear from won’t speak up in a large group setting!


Thanks for the positvity during our R’ights Adventure on Wednesday during early release!  It was one last time to do some team work – hang out with our partners from Yes – and get a whole lot of Vitamin D while we were at it!  A big thank you to Jason, who built a lot of the equipment for us, and got everything set up!  Thanks to Karen, Coach Menefee, Coach Brinkley, and Deion for getting everyhing set up and put back!  If you helped set up or take down, and I missed you, thank you for your work!!  I loved the Nitro Crossing station!  Kat Lapid was good at that one!  It was a fun afternoon and a great way to end our shared PD for 2012-2013 school year!  Thank you Yes Prep for the ice cream!


This whole month our focus is on Grit!  All of us Knights are having to show our grit!  Everyone, one way or the other, is helping support our 8th graders who did not pass the STAAR exam.  We want them prepared for 9th grade – remember the district’s goal is: T,2,or 4!  We have to do our part!  NMS students can do it!   8th grade teachers – keep talking to our kids about retesting and having them show us what they are made of.  It does take Grit for some of our kids (especially our ELL learners) to read those passages, and try to make sense of some very complex ideas.  They can do – they can use the dictionaries to look up words they don’t know – but that takes Grit.  Sometimes it is easeir to just pick an answer – this is where the grit comes in – they have to keep plowing through!  We have to encourage them!  High expectations for all!  How bad do we want it?

AP’s Culture Corner:
6th grade: 6th Grade is working on grit and working hard completing the semester.  Many students are staying after school work on making the grade.

7th grade:  ‘Choices are the hinges of our destiny’ – Pythagoras.Ponder that quote as we all work with our kids this week.There are really only about 7-8 kids that are consistently giving us fits on a daily basis. How can we begin to acknowledge those whose hinges are holding together a great destiny and let the 7-8 see that. Suggestions… Thoughts… Send them to me.      Have a great week!! I truly appreciate each and everyone of you!!

Schedule for the week: -Intervention All Week
Monday, May 6, 2013
6:45  Breakfast cooked for all staff by the administration in the Parent Center!
B Day

Tuesday, May 7, 2013
A Day
6th grade students go to gym for advisory
8:30 Spanish Language AP exam
6:30-8:30 Civic North Association meeting in cafeteria

Wednesday, May 8, 2013
B Day
7th grade students go to gym for advisory
5:00 Soccer v. Spring Branch (boys at NMS, Girls at SBMS
6:00 Mentor Dinner – cafeteria

Thursday, May 9, 2013
A Day
8th grade students to gym for advisory
8:00 Val at meeting
6:00 pm Dr. Nelson parent meeting in cafeteria

Friday, May 10, 2013
B Day

Saturday, May 11, 2013
Art Car Parade – check out Mrs. Walton and her beaded car in the Houston Art Car parade – Stephanie will put the route out to everyone so we can show our support!!


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