NMS Faculty Bulletin 5-20-2013


I think our 8th graders perservered last week as they retested on the math and reading STAAR test.  I am proud of how hard they worked.  As we do continued work on character next year – we have to work with our kids so that they understand that they have to perservere for the long haul!  Their work starts on the first day of school, and the hard work doesn’t end until the first day of summer!  A few of our kids really wanted to improve, but working hard for 10 days isn’t enough!  I do have confidence that many will do well!  I know we will see improvement!

Two weeks of instruction left, and then a week of finals!  Please be sure that your students are working in your classrooms these next two weeks!  Behavior will remain better if they are busy, focused and believe that the work is meaningful!  

Important Grading Reminders:

  • Please do not let a final fail a student – if a student has been passing all semester, the final should not cause a student to fail.  
  • If you have students that you are worried about failing – you need to make a phone call and speak with a parent.  Please be sure that you have a phone log, or some way to document that you have spoken with the parent.  If you are having trouble getting in touch with a parent – come down to the office so someone can help you.  
  • Please be very thoughtful about your grades – should students fail your class with a 69? 68?

Just a reminder about adult presence in the hallways.  These next three weeks – we need as many hands on deck as possible – same for morning duties.  This can become a safety issue – and kids know where there is an adult and where there isn’t!  

Thanks to all who helped stay for the 8th grade dance decorating on Friday!  I think my list is complete, but sincere apologies to anyone I leave off!   A hugh Knight Thank you to :
Jose, Kyle, Kat, Cassie, Gail, Lora, Brenda, Olga, Angela, Crystal, Diana, Lindsey, Susannah, Minga, Leah, Jan, Tracey, Steve, Kathy, Joe, and of course our two most wonderful art teachers, Katie and Stephanie!  Under the Sea was beautiful and it looked great!  Thanks to these teachers who helped chaperonne the kids at the dance on Saturday night:
Diana, Crystal, Minga, Kathy, Joe, Steve, Elizabeth, Kyle, Susie, Angela, Tracey, Jan, Leah, Stephanie, Katie, Allie, Paula and Luis Miranda, and Brenda.  The kids looked so awesome and behaved perfectly!


We will have another flipped schedule this Friday for the Powder Puff football game on Friday.  

Visitors on Tuesday:  We will have visitors from Spokane Washington, representatives of the Gates Foundation, and all the superintendents from the SKY Partnership here at NMS from 1:00-4:00.  They will be visiting classrooms, both Yes and NMS, so all need to be prepared for visitors.  After visiting classrooms, they are having lunch in the parent center and a debriefing.  Please be sure that adults are in the halls during passing period!!!  This is a tough time for visitors – so please be out and visible!  You all don’t realize that schools and districts all over the country are amazed by the partnership and want to come learn how it was put together.  The teachers at NMS are a big reason why this partnership is so successful!!  Your desire to keep learning and share your knowledge has made this successful!  Go Team NMS!

AP’s Culture Corner:
6th grade: This week the 6th grade has been working on focusing in class and doing our best work as we head to the end of the year.  In Townhall, we talked about working hard and preparing for their exams for the last few weeks.  

7th grade:  The 7th grade has been working hard at leaving the cafeteria a better place than they found it by picking up trash and pushing in all chairs. Teachers please have them practice this before they leave your rooms at the end of class. We are going to be a fantastic 8th grade class!!

Schedule for the week:
Monday, May 20, 2013
B Day
Sand Castle Field Trip – Art students
8:30 Town Hall – all grades
9:00 Naviance 8th graders – library – Seelbach
1:30 Val @ ICLE
3:30 Faculty Wedding Shower

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
A Day
7:50 Fund Raising meeting – for anyone who plans on fundraising next year
8:00 Science Department mtg.
8:30 NJHS Induction – Theater
8th grade students Technology Testing – see Steve’s emails
9:00 Naviance – library – Lapid
10:00 Meet with TE
1:00 Visitors from Spokane arrive
6:00 Orchestra and Choir Concert – Cafeteria

Wednesday, May 22, 2013
B Day
7:50 Faculty Meeting – Be sure you have read the article on poverty that I sent on email
9:00 8th grade Students Technology testing
5:00 Soccer v. SFMS, Girls @ NMS

Thursday, May 23, 2013
A Day
NHS Decision Day
6:00 SBISD Media Fest Awards

Friday, May 24, 2013
B Day
Flipped schedule for Powder Puff game – will run the same way as the basketball game
Report card grades due for Yes Prep
9:00 Kid Team meeting
12:30 8th grade picnic
5:00 Soccer v. Landrum – Boys at NMS – Big Game – Come suppor the Knights


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