NMS Faculty Bulletin 5-28-2013


We begin our last three days of preparing our students for finals this week.  I want to thank those of you who have really checked on your students’ grades and made sure that students are failing with a 68 or 69 and as we move in to finals, not letting a final, fail a student.

All teachers are having their final 03’s this week with their managers.  There is some data you are to bring, so be sure you go back and reread my email as to what you need to prepare to bring with you.

The STAAR scores came in this week.  Mostly, they are underwhelming.  There are a few bright spots.  Here are the scores compared to last year.  As it stands right now – it doesn’t appear as if we have met AYP.   We do have more scores to come in from the 8th grade retesters.  Whether those will give the boost we need remains to be seen.

Reading 2012:  50%   Reading 2013:  51%  Needed to make for AYP: 53%

Math 2012:  50%          Math 2013:  53%  Needed to make for AYP:  54%

SS 2012:  30%              SS 2013:  32%

Science 2012:   47%   Science 2013:  59%

Writing 2012:  41%      Writing 2013 37%

So, the positive is the trajectory of all areas except one is a positive one.  All areas except one went up.  Not by much, but they did go up.  In some of the tested areas by grade levels, we are the lowest middle school in the district.  In other areas we are not.  The most critical piece to remember is the passing standard is going up next year.  Without a doubt, we can not do the same things in our classrooms this coming school year, because our students didn’t learn what they needed to learn and with an even higher passing standard – the students must understand and really know their content.  The scores below are how our kids would have done if the new passing standard was in place:

Reading:  32%
Math:  30%
Writing: 15%
Science:  36%
SS: 21%

As you can see,  next year the stakes are higher. There are some positives coming our way – the state is releasing the tests in August.  At least now we will know what the tests look like.   So – Grit and Perserverence are not only attributes we want in our kids, we are going to need them as well!  The students at NMS are just as capable as the students at SWMS or SOMS.  If we all are insisting our students do their best work, accepting nothing less, employing ELL strategies, and meeting the needs of all students by working with our kids in small groups, upping the rigor each and every day, and building academic relationships with students – NMS can be at the top of the pack.  There are a few key strategies and techniques we need to use.  The leaderships’ job is to make sure those things are happening and we will not let you down.  We are going to work to make sure NMS is the best it can be.

AP’s Culture:
7th grade:     Hang tough!! The few seem to outweigh the masses. Remember when you feel at your wits end that there are so many more you have built lasting relationships with. We will be a strong 8th grade class because –


I am going to attache the finals schedule as a separate post, it will be a memo called, “Finals Schedule”

From now until the last day of school, we need adult presence in the hallways!  Some of you have been so vigilant, thank you so much!  As the year winds down – the students feel it too and they begin to push more and more.  Now is not the time for us to relax – almost – 7 more school days!  You can do it!!

Here is the calendar for the week:
Monday, May 27, 2013
Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 28, 2013
A Day
8:30 YES Prep Awards and Recommitment Ceremony – new gym
6:00 NMS Theater Production:  Check Please – NMS Cafeteria

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
B Day
7:50 DC/CIT Meeting conference room – please bring your Campus Improvement Plan from the last meeting
10:00 Val @ meeting
6:00 8th grade Awards – 8th grade and elective teachers, and invited 8th grade students – cafeteria

Thursday, May 30, 2013
A Day
10:00 Val @ meeting
6:00 Band Concert – old gym

Friday, May 31, 2013
Finals Day 1

Have a productive week!

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