NMS Faculty Bulletin 9-3-2013


Know Our Kids, Meet their Needs, Up the Mountain to T-2-4!

Wow!  What a great week you all had with your students!  Congratulations on an awesome start!  I have visited almost all classes, I believe I just have 2 classes left to visit.  I have seen you all practicing routines and procedures over and over again!  Way to go!  This will pay off for you all in maximized instruction time for the rest of the year.  Teaching the students how you want things done is so important.  Congratulations for taking the time to make that happen.  It has only been a week – I imagine many of you will be going over those procedures again this week – especially after the long weekend!  Remember – the kids have 6-7 teachers worth of procedures they have to learn.  Overlearning is the way to go!

As we move into week 2, think about how you redirect your students.  What are the tools in your  backpack?  What are the different Teach Like A Champion techniques you can use?  What about Love and Logic?  Are you using proxmity to help keep kids on task or is all of your time spent in the front of the classroom?  Classroom management is critical for student achievement.  Students remaining in your classroom and learning is also critical for student achievement.  If you need to build your repetoire of what is in your backpack, I am here to help!  Building relationships with kids goes such a long way!  Let me know if you need my support and help!  

Classes are pretty much leveled and set, and now is the time to begin “Knowing Our Kids”!  Steve sent out the data tracker to you on Friday, and as you begin to get to know your students and who they are, you can also get to know their data and levels of achievement.  The sign-up for 03’s with your manager will be put out this week.  Please sign up for a day and time – and you will have your 03 every other week, unless specified.  Please be prepared for your first 03 with the data tracker complete.  

I met with the fearless Department Chairs this week – I think most of the departments have met.   Remember – our 3 Life Skills that we are focusing on in the first couple of weeks are:

1.  Dress Code – everyone has some kind of dress code – no matter what the job – specifically tucking in shirts and no saggy pants.  It literally will take all of us saying this to students.  Teamwork is essential!
2.  Being on Time – we all are expected to be on time for school or work
3. Self-Control – This is a big one – we will most likely be focusing on this one for a while.  Each teacher is going to receive a poster with the definition of Self-Control.  Please use it and refer to it often.  I want to shout out Molly and Elizabeth for showing their students the Marshmallow video.  This is a great example of self-control and a very interesting research study done in the 50’s- or 60’s.  If you haven’t ever seen the study- it is worth reading and watching.  Here is what your poster will say – it will have a marshmallow on it:

Regulating what one feels and does; being self-disciplined

School Work
Comes to class prepared
Pays attention and resists distractions
Remembers and follows directions
Gets to work right away rather than procrastinating

Remains calm when criticized or otherwise provoked
Allows others to speak w/o interruption
Is polite to adults and peers
Keeps temper in check

After reading those – if we focus on Self-Control most of the year – we will cut our referrals more than in half.  Self-control is pretty much always the reason students get sent to the office.  Following directions, being compliant, being polite – pretty much sums it all up!  Refer to this poster often – remind students often – this is a skill everyone must have!

We are still working on plans for ICU.  If you have ideas – please get with an AP or me to share!  You all always have good ideas!

Congratulations for almost having 100% of the NMS faculty and staff join the PTA!  You guys are the T – in PTA!  Way to go!  What a team you are!  

Culture Corner from the AP’s:
6th grade – Mr. Barry:   6th grade students are getting indoctrinated with our Knights+Z values and our Thinks and Acts.  Our students are catching on fast and responding well to our collective efforts.  When our students hear the same thing in each class, it makes a huge difference.  Keep up the awesome effort and we will reap the rewards!

7th grade – Ms. Reap:  Our first week in 7th grade has been fantastic. This coming week we we are continuing to focus on Self Control and this weeks character trait is zest. 

8th grade – Ms. Green:   The 8th grade is beginning the ascent from BASE CAMP [new name for Town Hall] to the top of Mt T-2-4. This journey will require Grit, Self Control, Zest and every student and teacher to reach that summit and be ready to move on to High School. Go Knights!! Climb hard!! Climb strong!!

By tomorrow afternoon – I will have the small group schedule posted here on the blog.  Your groups don’t change, but you will know whether you are the 1st and 3rd Monday or the 2nd and 4th Monday.  

Here is the schedule for the week:
Monday, Sept. 2, 2013
Labor Day  – Holiday

Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2013
A Day
8:25 – Students report to Base Camp (Town Hall) without going to 1st period.  If they come to your room – send them to their spot.
6th grade – cafeteria
7th grade – old gym
8th grade – NEW GYM – this is a change, theater is full of furniture
9:00 Val @ meeting
3:00 Ipad Express

Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2013
B Day
SRA Training in MPR – ELA teachers, plus a few others
9:30 Leah and Jan @ Counselor mtg.
12:00 Kathy @ meeting

Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013
A Day
9:00 Val mtg. @ NMS
10:00 Val mtg. @ NMS
3:30 Kathy and Trisha at LEP meeting – West Transition Campus
3:45 Grade Level meetings

Friday, Sept. 6, 2013
B Day
9:00 Kid Team Meeting
10:00 Office Safety meeting

Have a great week!
Know our Kids, Meet their Needs, Up the Mountain to T-2-4!


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