NMS Faculty Bulletin 9-9-2013


Know our Kids. Meet their Needs. Up the Mountain to T-2-4!

Task = Performance
What you ask kids to do – is what they will be able to do!  How rigorous is it?  Is the task preparing students for the climb up Mt. T-2-4?  Every activity and task we ask students to do in the classroom should be focused around that question – How will this activity or task prepare the Knights to climb Mt. T-2-4?

Fuel Ed small groups are canceled for this week – Thanks

03’s should begin soon.  Some of mine begin this week – please bring your completed tracker when you come for each 03. This tracker is a very large portion of “Knowing our kids!”  We will be able to keep up with their strengths and growth areas.  There is also the 03 form that should be completed each time. 

I have spoken with all 1st period classes except for Girl’s Athletics.  We have talked about the big goal – doubling the number of students who complete T-2-4 for the SBISD school district.  And, we have talked about the 3 Life Skills that we are focusing on for the first couple of weeks.  1. Dress Code  2. Being on time  3. Self-control     I have been trying to point out with all of the students that all of these are not school rules.  Everyone who has a job, has to follow a dress code, be on time, and have self-control. It will take all of us to stay on our kids about tucking in their shirts – please be part of the team and help us remind kids to tuck their shirts in and keep them tucked in.   These conversations with students will never end.  We will continue to have these conversations all year.  

I imagine most of you have got your routines and procedures pretty well ironed out and students know what to do when they enter your room, move about your room, and exit.  This week, if I enter your rooms during the first 5 minutes or if I am in during the last 5 minutes, I will be looking for first 5 and final 5 routines and procedures, as well as the board configurations. The first 5 and final 5 minutes of each class are to be silent.  NMS did a great job on the board configurations last year!  We have added the essential vocabulary for each lesson this year.  This is critical for our ESL students – the vocabulary must be purposefully taught every day!  At the end of each period, teachers should circle back to the board, ask the students did we accomplish our AIM for the day?, do we know our vocab for the day?  It is important to tie up the learning before the class period is over.  Let’s make that our focus this week.  

6th grade

7th grade is exhibiting zest and grit in the classroom, on the field and on the court as we learn new things about ourselves and learn to depend on others. We are proud of what our 7th graders are doing and excited to see what is yet to come!!  Go knights! 

8th grade – As we make the ascent on Mt. T-2-4, the 8th grade class, with the help of all their teachers, will work on the life skill of punctuality. We all will work together to make being ‘on time’ a number one priority at NMS. Let’s show our 8th graders how important this skill can be for them throughout their lives. 

ICU – The 7th grade team discussed a plan for ICU that I wanted to share with all of you.  They suggested that ICU be done by grade level.  The teachers that stay for tutoring that day – would be where ICU is held that day. This would keep teachers from having to give up time after school.  Teachers are staying for tutoring anyway, so kids could meet in those rooms.   Elective teachers could help one day a week.  On Thursdays, ICU would be in a classroom across from the Grade leve meeting – where the entire grade could keep an eye on the students.  There would not be ICU on Fridays – hopefully, students would use the weekend to get their work completed, otherwise, they would stay on Monday.  ICU would be from 3:30-4:30. If students finish their work, before 4:30, they can work on that night’s homework or read a book.   Please be prepared to come to your grade level meeting this week with questions and thoughts so we can make a plan to get ICU in place!  

Schedule for the week:
Monday, September 9, 2013
A Day
1:30 ILT Meeting

Tuesday, September 10, 2013
B Day
Flu Shots in Clinic
8:00 Admin meets with TE
2:15 YES and NMS Admin. mtg.
3:30 POS meeting
6:00 Civic Club meeting in NMS cafeteria

Wednesday, September 11, 2013
A Day
7:50 Faculty Meeting – MPR
10:00 Val meets with Academic team
5:00 YES Academic Support Night

Thursday, September 12, 2013
B Day
7:50 Activity Acct. Meeting Conference room
9:00 Val @ Principal’s meeting
3:35 Grade Level Meeting

Friday, September 13, 2013
Yom Kipuur
A Day
9:00 Kid Team meeting
10:00 Office Safety Meeting


Know our Kids, Meet their Needs, Up the Mountain to T-2-4!

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