NMS Faculty Bulletin 9-16-2013


Know our Kids. Meet their Needs.  Up the Mountain to T-2-4!

Task = Performance

I have been in several classrooms and I have seen the teachers and students giving props to students!  That is fantastic!  Way to go!!!  Props to you who are already doing it and have your kids doing it too!!

I was typing up the notes you all wrote after looking at the TRIPOD Survey and at our results from the survey.  I was highlighting in red any percent that was under 50%.   Here is what I noticed:


1. (Disagree with) Student behavior in this class makes the teacher angry. 31%
2. My classmates behave the way my teacher wants them to.  35%
3. Our class stays busy and doesn’t waste time.  45%
4.  Student in this class treat the teacher with respect.  53%
5.  (Disagree with) Student behavior in this class is a problem.  47%
6.  (Disagree with) I hate the way students behave in this class.  51%
7.  Student behavior in this class is under control.  41%

As you can see, and you probably noted on Wednesday, scores under CONTROL are our lowest scores.  These numbers are the students PERCEPTIONS of these statements.   Management falls under the category of control.  If we don’t have  strong management – it is almost guaranteed, we won’t have strong achievement!  Many of the techniques in Teach Like A Champion – are techniques for managing a classroom.  If you are worried about behavior in your classroom – please let me know, and also I would start by getting my TLAC book back out and reading over those techniques!  There is 100%, Tight Transitions, SLANT, On your Mark, Seat Signals, Props, Chapter 6 is all about maintaining high behavioral expectations!  I am here to help with this – NOW is the time to talk about it before we get to far into the year!  Let me know if you want my help!

Everyone should now have a Self-Control poster!  Kathy made those for us on our new big poster printer!  On those posters at the top is a marshmellow.  I believe that Molly sent out the link to the video – The video is all about self-control!  Please refer to that poster often when kids who you self-control and when they don’t!    If you need a poster – please email Kathy!

Sending students into the hallway:  I think there has still been some confusion about sending students into the hallway.  I would prefer that all students stay in the classroom, but if it is absolutely necessary to send a student in the hallway – then let’s operate using these guidelines:
Send a student into the hallway to wait for you to have a conversation if the student has disrupted, or done something along those lines – but the student is NOT mad, angry, upset, etc…  If you do send a student to the hallway – you should join the student within a minute or two to have a quick conversation and then you and the student return to class.

Please don’t send a student to the hallway if that student is upset or mad and is in danger of leaving the area.  If the student is that angry or mad, then most likely that student needs to be dealt with (by you) immediately in the hallway, and until an administrator can get there (if you need one). If you still need further clarification – no problem, just shoot me an email or come by!  

FUEL Ed groups are still canceled.  I will keep you posted!!  

FYI – Since August NMS has copied 160,9498 pieces of paper.  That is 176 pieces of paper per kid!

Please be sure there is an adult from your area in the hallways during passing period.  This is a major safety concern.  Thank you.

SPED Reminder:
Three things:

 1)   Homework – please do not send homework home with CT students unless it has been modified (simplified) to their level

 2)   Tests – gen ed teachers, please have a copy of the regular tests you will be giving to your SPED co-teacher at least a few days prior to the test so they can modify it for the co-teach students.  Anyone that needs help in how to modify tests, please see me.

 3)   Assignments – ideally should be modified prior to the day they are given.  At the very least, SPED teachers should help the CT students in a small group by orally modifying words, reducing answers, reducing the amount of work, providing graphic organizers to break complex info apart, deleting extra info, etc.

 If a co-teach student does not need these type modifications because they can complete all of the regular work with accommodations (such as checking for understanding, oral admin, reminders to stay on task, etc), then we need to move them up to ICS (in class support).

Small groups and student Interruptions:  Please do not allow students to interrupt your small group work.  We must create the culture at NMS that small group work time is sacred, and when the teacher is working with a small group of students, students must use hand signals, whisper with one another, and in general do what is needed so the teacher can  teach the kids.  This can not be overemphasized with your classes.  Working with students in small groups is a one of the most important ways we “Know our Kids” and “Meet their Needs”.  If a student continues to disrupt your small group, you can give a teacher consequence and if that doesn’t work, write a referral.  It does not constitute a phone call to the office to have the student removed.  

You all received an email from Hasina McKend – she is our SKY liaison with the other 3 partner schools!  I am so happy to have her on board – Hasina sent out a very elaborate and detailed Entry plan, and you all are a part of that.  She is just trying to gather info about NMS!  You will be recieve correspondence from her regarding interviews, etc..  She is a great addition to our team, and she is working closely with Abby Parker at YES to plan our shared PD and other events!  Welcome Hasina!!


Our 8th graders have been stuck at Base Camp 1. There are a few fighting compliance, respect and the use of appropriate language. Those few need that gentle pressure to continue and  you guys keep on with practicing procedures over and over if need be. The path to Base Camp 2 is going to be hard work each day. We all have to be on the same page, say the same things and do the same things. The storm will pass and we will begin to climb again.

Here is the schedule for the week:
Monday, Sept. 16, 2013
B Day
Val at United Way
Base Camp
5:00 Volleyball
5:30 Football v. Alief Middle @ Grob Stadium

Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2013
A Day
7:50 CIT Meeting
10:30 Lockdown Drill – please prepare your students
1:30 ILT meeting

Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2013
B Day 
7:50 Faculty Meeting
YES Prep students off campus for Service Day – along with 42 Knights
5:00 Volleyball v. Landrum @ Landrum

Thursday, Sept. 19, 2013
A Day
AP Meeting
8:00 SPED Mtg. in Area 2
1:30 City of Houston uses MPR until 3:00
3:35 Grade level Team Meetings

Friday, Sept. 20, 2013
B Day
8:00 New Teacher Mtg. in Morgan’s room – SPED focus
YES Prep in MPR and Saturday
9:00 Kid Team meeting
10:00 Office meeting with YES

Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013
8:00-2:00   Teaching Excellence Saturday classes at NMS

Monday, Sept. 23, 2013
A Day
1:30 ILT Meeting
5:00 Volleyball
7:00-8:30 Football NMS v. MMS @ Grob


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