NMS Faculty Bulletin 9-30-2013


Know our kids, Meet their needs, Up the Mountain to T-2-4!


I wanted to say thank you to everyone for the kind words last week.  I appreciate everyone who attended Open House, it sounds like it was a great success!  This is an amazing staff!  I am proud to work with such great and caring people.  Thank you for all you do for our kids and for each other.  We are a famly oriented school!

On the last bulletin  – I talked about the Control piece of the Tripod survey and posted those numbers.  That is such a crucial piece of the puzzle in order for high level learning to take place.  I have been meeting with a group of teachers and they have done some Culture visits in classrooms.  (remember – there are no names on any of those visits – only grade levels).  As we looked at the data, it is very clear that all of the behaviors that we see students exhibiting fall under the Self-Control category for students. When I spoke with the students at the beginning of the year (4 weeks ago) this was one of the life skills that I focused on.  The culture group agrees that as a school team – we need to work with our students on Self-Control.  When they hear that in every classroom – they know we mean it.  When we present a united front – we will all see results!  It will take us all!!  This will be the topic of our faculty meeting this week.  Please let Kathy know if you don’t have a Self-Control poster.  Thanks

Fuel Ed – still on hold

The hallways are looking good!  Keep up the great work!  I love how the pods are working together to make sure there are teahcers and adults on duty in all areas!  Way to go!

Small group instruction – particularly – the IMI groups for 6th grade should be up and running.  As we come into the math and reading labs, we should see small group instruction going.  Students need their individual needs met.  That is the part of our T-2-4 plan, we don’t reteach everyone, we reteach those that need it what they need!  If you need help with any of the small group work – please let me know!  I am here to help!

I believe the early release PD last Wedesday was a great success.  I appreciate the seriousness with which NMS teachers worked on the ELL and SPED grading guidelines.  It was dry material – but so important for the success of our ELL students.  It is our obligation to make sure that our ELL students get the help they need to master the content.  The ELL strategies are part of that!  The second session I went to was on creating a postivie climate in the classroom.  It was outstanding!  Anne Marie pointed out some great techniques from TLAC.  We talked about having a warm and strict classroom at the same time.  She reminded me about the importance of smiling at kids and using positive framing – telling kids what you want them to be doing – not what they shouldn’t be doing!  I heard from many of you that your second session was really good!

ICLE Day at NMS – Tuesday
Shawn from the International Center for Learning will be here to work with us on Tuesday.  I was out some last week and the week before – so I am going to put out an email tomorrow morning – letting you know the plan for Tuesday.  All of the core teachers will be meeting with Shawn on Tuesday – and will bring a lesson with you that you have already taught.  If you have any artifacts from that lesson – items used, papers, proof of learning, etc… you can bring of that also.  We are going to spend time looking at that lesson, and how we could make it more rigorous and moving to Quadrant D!  I will get the schedule to you when I have it!  Thanks for your understanding.

Here is the schedule for the week:
Monday, September 30, 2013
B Day
7:50 Meet with Culture Team
5:00 Volleyball 3-5, 7th grade @ SWMS and 8th grade @ SOM
7:00 Football 7th grade B v. SWMS  – NMS home @ SWHS

Tuesday, October 1, 2013
A Day
8:00 Electives meeting in Waltons room
1:30 ILT meeting
5:00 Football v. Memorial @ Stratford HS

Wednesday, October 2, 2013
B Day
7:50 Faculty Meeting
UIL Grading Date
12:00 Leah and Jan Counselor Meeting
6:00 Bandextravaganza @ Tully

Thursday, October 3, 2013
A Day
3:35 Knights Grade Level Meetings
5:00 Volleyball v. SWMS @ NMS

Friday, October 4, 2013
B Day
Pep Rally Schedule – will be put out
Fitness Gram Data Due
9:00 Kid Team Meeting

Have a great week!  Keep up the sense of urgency – the time is just ticking away!!  🙂


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