NMS Faculty Bulletin 10-15-2013


Know our Kids, Meet their Needs, Up the Mountain to T-2-4!


I hope everyone is using a critical eye and really looking and thinking about the tasks you are asking students to perform in your classes.  The tasks must be rigorous and push students’ thinking!  Remember… we want students to go home mentally tired!  I don’t want you all to be exhausted;  your kids should be doing all the heavy lifting!  As you plan  your lessons – plan for Quadrant D moments – especially after you have looked at the item analysis, determined the level of cognition of the TEKs and the test items, you can make sure during planning that your work matches!  We need alignment on our tasks, the TEKS, and the test items!  This will increase our rigor!  

Beginning on Tuesday morning, I am going to send a morning update.  It will have any reminders necessary for the day, duty reminders, and anything else pertinent!  It will be expected that you read it each morning!  Thank you in advance for being ready each day!

I hope everyone has had the chance to read through your backpack full of tools!  The Love and Logic tools in this backpack are the district expectations and the district discipline policy for SBISD!  By keeping your backpack handy and easily accessible – you will be able to add the tools to your backpack.  Eventually, you want to have a full repatoire of tools you can use, so that when one tool doesn’t work, there are many more to try!  We want our students to arrive at the top of Mt. T-2-4

I put out an email last week about our Developmental School Visit on October 23.  As I have walked the halls during passing period, I am noticing that many Areas do not have teachers for 2-3 minutes after the bell rings.  There needs to be at least one person who follows the students out.  You can feel the level of the kids energy when an adult is there and when an adult isn’t.  It is a a true safety issue – Thank you for being on duty!

Explore testing is Wednesday!  Shout out to Susie for preparing her students for the Explore testing!  I know our kids will do well!  They are capable if they think that this test is important!  That is our job, to let them know that it is!  Remember… it is part of the internal accountability system for SBISD.  We need to show growth!!

6th grade:   6th grade team had a culture building venture on Thursday, October 10.  We visited two apartment complexes and talked to three students and their parents.  It was an awesome and powerful experience that strengthens our community and helps drive the culture of the school.  Shout out to the 6th grade teachers who participated on the home visits!  
Shout outs – I would like to shout out to Kyle – great small group work in her class on Thursday and a great positivity with her kids!  Kyle demonstrated Grit and Zest!  Way to go!  I would also like to shout out the Culture team who worked during the faculty meeting on Wednesday!  There were a lot of meetings and extra walk-throughs that they did!  All in the name of creating a positive school culture focused on student learning!  Way to go Jen, Lindsey, Katie G, Angela, Katie W., Cassie, Gretchen, and Molly.  

Schedule for the week:
Tuesday, October 15, 2013
B Day
7:50 CIT Meeting
8:30 Base Camp
12:00 Val @ meeting
6:00 Kempwood Civic Assoc. meeting in cafeteria
6:00  7B Football v. SBMS @ SHS

Wednesday, October 16, 2013
A Day
Go Passionately Pink Day – donate $5 to Breast Cancer Research and wear jeans with a pink or white shirt!
8th grade Explore Testing
8:00 RIGHT’s meeting in conference room
3:30 Tech meeting in Lab C – Dunn, Ringler, Ache
5:00 Football 8A/7A  v. SFMS @ SHS
5:00 Volleyball 8A & B/7A & B v. SWMS @ SWMS

Thursday, October 17, 2013
B Day
8:00 AP Meeting
12:00 Val @ meeting with EdTech
1:00 Explore SKY Visit – expect visitors in classrooms
1:30 City of Houston Task Force meeting in MPR
3:45 Grade Level Meetings
4:30 Explore SkY Welcome Reception
5:00 Volleyball Tournament
6:00 Choir @ NHS

Friday, October 18, 2013
A Day
Picture Day
8:00 New Teacher Meeting
9:00 Kid Team meeting

Have a most productive week!!


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