NMS Faculty Bulletin 11-11-2013


Know Our Kids, Meet their Needs, Up the Mountain to T-2-4!

I want to thank everyone for the great success of our Community Night last Monday night. I appreciate you loading up and bringing your things there!  I do think we had a better turn in the past!  I hope you got to visit with the parents you needed to!  This faculty is working hard and I appreciate everything you do!

As we come into classes – we are looking for the lesson cycle!  Your lesson plans drive your instruction – how are you capturing the students attention?  How are you planning your input?  Think about how you will model the work, guide the students in the work, and give the students timet to independently practice, and then…. most importantly – How will you know whether they learned the AIM for the day?  What will be your evidence?  This is the heart of teaching!!

Please be thoughtful regarding calling for a sub!  I understand emergencies happen, but when it is possible, please try to call in a timely fashion – that would be helpful to your fellow teachers.  The last two days we have had to use teachers to cover classrooms when subs don’t pick up the job.  Especially, on Fridays!  Sometimes – a sub is secured, and the sub cancels!  I do understand there are actions beyond your control.  But, as we get closer to the holiday – please be thoughtful when you call for sub!  Thank you for your consideration!!

I am very concerned about the copy numbers and it makes me worried that worksheets are driving the instruction in the classroom. The copy numbers for 24 school days is:   152,866
That is a total of 6,369 copies per day.
That is 16 pieces of paper per student – and in about 8 classes, students don’t get papers at all! 
Be thoughtful and reflect – are worksheets driving my instruction?  What am I using for input?  
I expect that number to go down this next round.  

Congratulations to those teachers who are pulling small groups on a regular basis!  This will make a huge difference for our students!  That is how we get to know our kids and how we will meet their needs!  Way to go!


Some days this job is the farthest thing from our mind. I see many of our 8th graders beginning to believe that we do mean those that don’t want to learn will not stop you from doing your job. Your classroom is yours and managing it is also yours. Thank you for taking your classrooms back. Keep on showing kids how important what you have to give them is!!!

 Props to to Kyle for her positive attitude toward our kids and her job of educating them. She must have read George Lucas’ quote already. 

ImageThanks to all 8th grade teachers for closing the ranks and standing together.  We really are stronger together. I appreciate you all.

Here is the schedule for the week:
Monday, Nov. 11, 2013
A Day
7:50 SPED Meeting
1:30 ILT Meeting

Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013
B Day
7:50 CIT Meeting
6:00 Kempwood Civic Club Mt. Cafeteria

Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013
A Day
7:50 Faculty Meeting
9:00 Val @ meeting
11:00 Jan @ Naviance mtg.
11:30 Mentor Luncheon in Parent Center
1:00 Tracey @ Title 1 meeting

Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013
B Day
Attendance Verification Report
9:00 Val @ Principal’s meeting
1:30 City of Houston Task Force Meeting in MPR
3:30 Knights Grade Level Meetings

Friday, Nov. 15, 2013
A Day
UIL Eligibility lost or gained
8:00 New Teacher Meeting
9:00 Kid Team Meeting
10:00 NMS/YES office meeting
11:00 Val at meeting
1:45 NMS/YES admin meeting

Have a most productive week!!


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