NMS Faculty Bulletin 11-18-2013


Know our Kids, Meet their Needs, Up the Mountain to T-2-4!

Keep working on the lesson cycle!  I know last week at faculty meeting there were some technology pieces you learned about that could fit into different aspects of the lesson cycle.  Please be sure during planning – that you are focused on the lesson cycle!  This engages the student in the lesson and will lead to higher student achievement.

We have 7 more working days until our Thanksgiving Holiday!  Please make every effort to be here.  Subs are tight and with so many people calling in for subs – it really puts a strain on those teachers left in the building.  Thank you for your help!  Of course, if you are sick,  you should stay home.  Mental wellness is coming soon!  5 days off in a row!!  We can do it!

We will have our annual Thanksgiving luncheon on Monday, Nov. 25!  This gives you Sunday to prepare or purchase whatever you will bring to share!  It is always delicious!  Thanks Stephanie for purchasing the turkeys!   Thanks Minga for letting us have our Thanksgiving meal in the parent center!

I think there might be some confusion about the Culture Corner.  That is the place where AP’s talk about the culture in their grade level.  All of those comments are from the AP’s!  Each one leaves a comment for their grade!  🙂

6th grade:

7th grade: This week we are working  on self control in and out of the classrooms. Starting in base camp, we will focus on self control and what that should look like. It will also be our focus with live school points and discussing what and what it does not look like. We have had a great year do far and this focus will help continue the trend. 

8th grade:

Here is another little section from our counselor, Jan:

In this season of Thanksgiving I find myself counting my blessings throughout my day and today I heard something from two people that reminded me what a blessing it is to work here, at NMS, with this group of these talented and generous teachers.  Ann Conkling, district 504 coordinator, travels from school to school and sees many faculties at various 504 meetings.  Today she said to a parent in our meeting that the teachers at this school “were wonderful”.  She went on to say that “they show up for these meetings in force, almost all the teachers who are invited are present at these meetings.”  What I know is that we are almost always 100% at these meetings and sometimes our very busy teachers have to trade duties, shift tutorials, or rearrange other meetings to be able to be there.  And at these meetings they are a valuable resource giving ideas, offering to help, and really searching for what would be best for the child.

 My blessing count continued when the mother confided that she was thinking about moving but really didn’t want to consider anything that would make her children go to another school because this was the first school where her child received ANY of the help he needed.  That statement really made me think about how blessed I am that  the people I work with every day are the kind of people give of themselves, their resources and their heart to help kids.      

Here is the schedule for the week:
Monday, Nov. 18, 2013
B Day
2:00 SKY Principal meeting

Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013
A Day
8:00 CSHAC Meeting
4:30 Cross Country Meet

Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2013
B Day
12:30 Val @ Meeting
3:00 Tracey @ mtg.

Thursday, Nov. 21, 2013
A Day
AP Meeting
7:50 DC Meeting
3:40 Knight Grade Level Meeting

Friday, Nov. 22, 2013
B Day
7th grade Opera Day
9:00 Kid Team Meeting

Have a most productive week!!


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