NMS Faculty Bulletin 12-9-2013


Know our Kids, Meet their Needs, Up the Mountain to T-2-4!

ImageBrook Webster

The best teachers find ways to convince students that they, the teachers, are believers – believers in the students and in the subject.  Not by magic, their words and actions, subtle but observalbe, send messages and thereby make a huge difference in learning, especially to low performing students!
                                                                 John Saphier



Look at the talent of our students in art!  Awesome!!     Fredman Flores and Kennth Garcia   Katie Wells art class

Within the next 2 weeks – all of the departments should have met and gone over the State Index 1 Data.  This is the basic achievement for the NMS students!  Please take a hard look at the LEP data.  You must know your LEP students (what level of LEP they are) and we must meet their needs.  LEP learners have different needs than many of the other students in your classroom.  It will be important as we move forward through out this year and beyond, that you disaggregate your own teacher test data and look at how your LEP students perform in your room.  When I look at the students failing on the report cards and progress report, 75-85% of those students are our ELL learners.  Be sure you look at those students in your class, if they are failing – for most of them, it is a language issue.  We have learned many strategies that help ELL learners access the content – it is imperative that you provide those students with the strategies that will meet their needs.  In order for our ELL learners to improve – we must change what we do for them!  Continuing to do the same thing – will yield us the same results!  Food for thought!

Shout outs!
I wanted to shout out Paula Miranda for re-entering data into Eduphoria for all of the math ELA teachers – after it got wiped out!  Thank you Paula!  I appreciate you!!

I also want to shout out to Katie Wells for going above and beyond in building relationships with her 8th grade students.  Katie spends 30 minutes each day in 8th grade lunch visiting with the kids.  She table hops each day!!  🙂

A shout out to Jose and Jen –  for being wonderful architects of backwards design!  Amazing work is happening in 6th grade math!  

Snaps to these 7th grade teachers for noticing the extremely high level of energy eminating from the 7th grade students and following them to the hall and bus circle!  Snaps to:  Coach Evans, Rosa, Lindsey, Trisha, Gretchen and Rosa!

One more shout out to the 8th grade Team for a very positive Grade Level meeting where plans for students were developed!  Snap Snap!

Final shout out to Coach Brinkley and Coach Collier for being vigilant in the hallways and keeping their eye on students to keep our kids safe!  Snaps to you both!

Lesson Cycle – On Jan. 6 – we are going to talk some about the Lesson Cycle!  It is important that you think through your lessons using this lens!  Do students know the purpose of your lesson?  Do students know how they wil use the lesson in their life?  How is it relevant?  Students, just like adults, need to know the purpose of what they are learning – we all do!

As we work towards our final two weeks before our Holiday – please be sure you on duty in the hallways and in the morning.  This is 100% a safety issue – we have had some fights in the hallways and there hasn’t been an adult in sight!  There should be at least one adult in the hall during every passing period.  Thank you in advance for your diligence.

Here is the schedule for the week:

Monday, Dec. 9, 2013
B Day
Math CBA
8:30 Base Camp -8th grade in theater – WAIS presentation  (teachers, please sit with your students)
9:00 Val @ SWMS
1:30 ILT Meeting

Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2013
A Day
UIL Eligibility Gain only
Science CBA
Naviance Teacher Training during Conference periods in conference room – T-2-4 Goal
10:00 Val @ mtg.
4:00 Val @ training
4:30 Cross Country Meet @ SWMS

Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2013
B Day
7:50 Faculty Meeting
Reading CBA
10:00 ILT Meeting
3:30 SRA Reading meeting conference room

Thursday, Dec. 12, 2013
A Day
Writing CBA grade 7
1:30 City of Houston Gang Task force meeting MPR
3:40 Knights Grade Level Meeting

Friday, Dec. 13, 2013
B Day
8:00 New Teacher Meeting
9:00 Kid Team meeting

Looking ahead:
Holiday Concert for elementary and parent on Dec. 16th.  Finals week begins Dec. 17-20.  Early Release Dec. 18th, 19th, and 20th!

Have a most productive week!!


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