NMS Faculty Bulletin 12-16-2013


Know Your Kids, Meet Their Needs, Up the Mountain to T-2-4!

As we move towards the end of the first semester – please be sure that as many of you as possible are on duty!  There have been way too many fights – but they definitely get thwarted when adults are everywhere!  Duty is important every day, but for the remaining week – let’s all be out in force!  Thank you!

I hope you were able to reflect on your classroom practices and how you make learning visible for your students?  This faculty works very hard and is extremely dedicated to the success of our students – so we want to work as smart as possible to make sure our students are accessing their content and mastering all of the TEKS.  This will happen when we meet our kids needs using the ELL strategies and working with students in small groups! It was a lesson that Cendie and  I learned when we tried to have shared PD and offer everyone the same learning.  You all are at varying places in your career of teaching and do not all need to learn the same techniques and strategies.  Your learning can’t be a one size fits all, and neither can our kids!  After lessons are delivered, pulling small groups is how we scaffold students’ learning! The final piece of the puzzle is convincing kids we believe in them and we know they can do it and we will stick with them until they do!  We must send them that message each and every day!  I know it is hard, but we can do it!  Our kids can do it! I look forward to seeing even more of this in the spring semester!  This faculty has the skills to put this in place!  I have very high expectations for you!  I do know you can do it!


Remember what John Saphier said:

The best teachers find ways to convince students that they, the teachers, are believers – believers in the students and in the subject.  Not by magic, their words and actions, subtle but observalbe, send messages and thereby make a huge difference in learning, especially to low performing students!
                                                                 John Saphier


Shout Outs

* Snaps to Angela McNeil for getting all of the ELA teachers their password to Learning A-Z in such a timely fashion!
* Snaps to the 8th grade teachers for having a successful field trip!
* Snaps to Sebastian – our new ISS teacher – for having 2 really successful weeks in ISS!
* Snaps to the boys and girls 7th grade Basketball team for playing hard and winning their games this week!
* Snaps to Stephanie for the Secret Santa success and the 12 Days before Christmas break!
* Props to 6th grade students for their grit during the CBA testing!
* Props to Cassie and Morgan for continued diligence in getting those 8 grade students into their classrooms on time!
* Props to 7th grade core teachers for doing hall duty, bus duty, and their overall vigilance in keeping kids safe!
* Props to Ashley W. for taking Rebecca’s Smith’s classes all week!  

Here is the schedule for the week:
Monday, Dec. 16, 2013
A Day
9:00 Holiday Concert for Elementary School in new gym – band and choir students will miss 1-3, list of students is coming
3:30 Math Department Meeting
7:00 Holiday Concert

Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2013
B Day
3:30 Science Department Meeting

Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2013
Early Release
Finals – see below for Finals Schedule

Thursday, Dec. 19, 2013
Early Release
Finals – see below for Finals Schedule

Friday, Dec. 20, 2013
Early Release
Finals – see below for Finals Schedule


Have a great weekend!  One week to go!  We can do it!!!!!


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