NMS Faculty Bulletin 2-3-2014

ImageKnow our Kids, Meet their Needs, Up the Mountain to T-2-4!

Just one final reminder to have read the Angela Duckworth article on Grit for Wednesday morning’s facutly meeting!  Grit is one of the NMS values – we are going to talk about Grit, resilience, and mindset during our discussion!  Should be very interesting!  

We have been meeting with 8th graders these last couple of days, and talking to them about goals, what they want to be when they grow up, and what their interests are.  The majority of students that we have met with – do not have any idea what they want to be or even what they are interested in beyond sports!  One of the pieces of the definition of grit – is having an interest, or a goal, and sticking with it for a long period of time!  We need to come up with a plan to work with our kids on this!  I hope you all can think about that and have some ideas!  I know for sure, one way we can do that, is to always focus on a student’s effort – not on their intelligence!  I can’t wait to have the conversations on Wednesday!

The accountability teams should be meeting – setting goals with each other – and holding each other accountable!  We are working on our collective practice!  We are one team – one score!  We all count!  Here are our collective practices everyone should be using:

  • Backwards Design – starting with the end in mind – writing Unit Tests before teaching the Unit
  • Literacy Strategies – each Department has written a literacy plan & ELL strategies
  • Using data to guide instruction with students (small groups)

    The message to our students is:       
    This work is important!
    You can do it!
    I won’t give up on you!

  • Action Items:
    1.  Please have someone on duty in outside your pod area – between every passing period!Shout Outs!

    • A-Team Boys basketball team handed it to Landrum last week with a Final Score of 72-21-with each player scoring an average of 6 points  – Whoo Hoo!!!
    • Shout out to the Scientist in 7th grade!  Check out the Sheep Brain disection in Ms. Westhaver’s classroom!Image
    • Shout Out to the all school Literacy Planning!  We are all in it together!  Image
      and more literacy planning – we want our kids to read, read, read, write, write, write, and learn, learn, learn!  It will happen with Collective Practice!  Image
      Shout out to the math department
      building stronger math students one math team at a time!  Go Team math!!
      Shout outs to:
       Angela, Katie, and Patricia for helping with the 8th grade ELA interviews and sample teach!  
       The electives teachers for preparing your students for the 5th grade transition meeting this Thursday!  Let’s go recruiting!!
       The 6th grade teachers for continuing to build a strong culture with our newest Knights!  
       Cassie for staying on her kids and showing them that details do matter!
      Jose and Jen for continued use of data to drive instruction!
      Trisha Van Susteren’s 4th period for all having their novels to read!
      Jan and Leah for working tirelessly on the new House Bill 5 (HB5) and getting everything ready to share with our 8th graders!
      All testing teachers for the great job on the released testing!
      Rivera, McNeil, Gentry, Cannon, Guevara, and Van Susteren for attending the NRT meeting!
      McNeil and Rivera for training teachers on the NRT!
      *  Go Shout Outs!  We would love to hear from others!  If you have a shout out that you would like to give to a fellow Knight Team member to be shared in the bulletin – email me, and Subject Line:  Team Shout Out.  I will put it in the bulletin for the next week!  Here is the schedule for this week:
      Monday, February 3, 2014
      A Day
      8:30 Base CampTuesday, February 4, 2014
      B Day
      10:00 Val @ mtg
      4th 6th Six weeks YES Prep grades due
      4:30 District Cross Country Meet – Nottingham ParkWednesday, February 5, 2014
      A Day
      7:50 Faculty Meeting – Grit

      Thursday, February 6, 2014
      B Day
      9:00 5th grade Transition visit in Theater and Tours – You have already begun to receive emails regarding students who will be a part of this – thank you for your patience and for checking the list!
      Remember to print paychecks!!
      3:35 Knights Grade Level Meeting

      Friday, February 7, 2014
      A Day
      9:00 Kid Team meeting
      4:00 Bid Trip for NHS Soccer Game

      Have a most productive week!  No moments to waste!!


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