NMS Faculty Bulletin 2-17-2014

ImageKnow Our Kids, Meet their Needs, Up the Mountain to T-2-4!

Our climb with our kids up Mt. T-2-4 is getting intense.  In another week, we are going to stop and check out exactly what our kids have learned, and what do we need to focus on from now until the STAAR test. The practice STAAR tests are coming! The STAAR test is not everthing – but it is the first step in helping our students build a future that is full of hope and has meaning!  The STAAR tests in middle school and the EOC tests in high school are the steps students take to get to T-2-4!  We are responsible for the STAAR tests and we want to send our kids to Northbrook HS prepared!  

I wanted to shout out these teachers for coming to the dance on Friday afternoon!  Thank you for your support!!
Shout outs to:
Mari, Rebecca, Angela, Molly, Elizabeth, Crystal, Gretchen, Elizabeth R., Ashley, Ahmad, Isaac, Canute, Mr. Joe, Minga, Kathryn, and Lesli!  You all are appreciated!!  I hope I didn’t miss anyone – let me know if I did!

ImageImageImageThe kids had a great time!  Thank you to student council for putting the dance on!  Great decorations!

I saw this quote – and thought of you all!!ImageThis staff is quite gritty and no one here is “Just a teacher”!!!!

The accountability teams should be meeting – and we have 3 areas of focus:
1. Backwards design – beginning with the end in mind – having tests, quizzes, and exit tickets written before you begin a unit
2.  Literacy and ELL strategies – You can find the Literacy Plan for NMS on this blog titled Literacy Plan – I will send a link too.
3.  Using your data to guide instruction – small groups

You can see these 3 sentences to students each day!  I have been saying it to the 8th graders.  Post it on your wall and point it out every day!    You work is important!  Let’s not let our studens forget that!  We want our students to know in each and every class:
This work is important.
You can do it.
I won’t give up on you!

Culture – Please continue to talk to kids about Grit, point it out, and celebrate when a student or colleague does something gritty!  We now have Grit t-shirts for students and staff who are showing grit!  Let’s get gritty!!

Reminder for Electives Teachers – YES Prep students in common assessment testing all week – and not here on Friday!  

Shout outs also to:
Steve and Lesli for organizing the administration of the NRT!
all 6th and 7th grade teachers for administering the NRT!
Sarah Cameron, Grace Eckhardt, and Kara Cannon for helping to give makeups and in general help when needed!
Nicole Zuziak (our new 8th grade ELA teacher) for making it through her first week!  
8th grade team for volunteering to help Nicole this Thursday with her room!
Greg and Kara for coming down to the office on conference periods asking what they can do to help out!
Katie Wells for using amazing classroom management and mediation skills with a group of girls!

Here is the schedule for this week:
Monday, February 17, 2014
President’s Day
YES Prep in session

Tuesday, February 18, 2014
A Day
Incentives – Free Dress with ticket
7th grade course selection through science – library
8:30 Base Camp

Wednesday, February 19, 2014
B Day
7:50 Faculty Meeting
7th grade course selection through science – library
3:30 Lap Top Deployment – meet in the lower library
4:30 Girl’s Track MHS

Thursday, February 20, 2014
A Day
7:50 DC Meeting – conference room
AP Meetings am/pm
6th grade course selection through science – library
12:30 Val @ meeting
1:30 Monthly Houston Task Force meeting MPR
3:35 Knights Grade level Meeting
4th Six Weeks YES Prep Grades Due
4:30 Boy Track @ Crump in Alief

Friday, February 21, 2014
B Day
UIL Grade Check
9:00 Kid Team Meeting

Dates and events coming up…..
8th graders choose elective courses through science
2-26 Service Day for YES – students not in electives
2-27 CSHAC mtg in nurses office
2-25 Tripod Survey
2-25 UIL Eligibility lost or gained
3-3 Free Dress Incentive
3-3 UIL Advanced Choir Girls
3-4 Practice STAAR 6/7 Math & 8th SS
3-5 Practice STAAR 6/7 Readging & 8th Science
3-6 Practice EOC Algebra 8th grade

Have a great week!!


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