NMS Literacy Plan


The plans below were developed by each department and NMS together – these literacy strategies should be taking place in all classrooms at NMS!  Literacy is the key to our students success!

NMS LIteracy Plan
*   Speak/Write in complete sentences
*   Students carrying books in the classroom
*   Sentence stems visible in classroom
*   Vocabulary visible
*   Computer designated for Accelerated Reader
*   Print-rich environment (work, anchor charts, word wall, concep maps)
*   Reading strategies present (if reading text)
*   Assign themselves (plan for students who complete work)

Department Literacy Plans

*   Use of sentence stems for writing
*   Provide reading material on level
*   Use of reading strategies
*   Teacher models using complete sentences

*   Read question silently, read orally, discuss
*   Random book checks
*   Exams- at least one free response item
*   Opportunities to explain thinking or write about thinking

*   Content-related reading
*   Graphic organizers
*   Write in complete sentences
*   Recognition system when a vocabulary word is used
*   Recognition system for wehn complete sentences are not used

Social Studies
*   Breaking down words and rewriting documents in their own words
*   Graphic Organizers
*   6th grade – reading strategeis and visuals
*   7th grade – vocabulary discussion – reading
*   8th grade – STAAR question analysis, vocabulary

Fine Arts
*   Vocabulary (foldables, Freyer, definitions, writing sentences
*   Performance Evaluation (written critique)
*   Class Library Available


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