NMS Faculty Bulletin 3-10-2014

ImageKnow our Kids, Meet their Needs, Up the Mountain to T-2-4!

We have all survived practice STAAR.  Congrats!  Thank you to everyone who had some kind of duty during testing, whether it was testing, giving breaks, or bathroom monitor.  We couldn’t do it without the amazing team of people who work at NMS!  Props  to Steve and Lesli for organizing the testing!  We get better each time we give one!  Everyone has worked hard and the hard work is definitely paying off!  We will look at the scores at the faculty meeting!  You all are making a difference!  

Monday is a CIT meeting!  I hope to see all CIT members, returning and new, in the conference room at 8:00!  

Just a reminder to take attendance each period.  It is part of each teachers’ job to take attendance each period!  The attendance is part of a legal document!  Thank you for your help with that!

The Special Project meeting was on Wednesday, and was open to anyone who wanted to participate!  It was a very productive meeting!  This group came up with the contest for this week!  We are all dressing like we are on a beach vacation on Monday!!  We watched one of David Levin’s videos – so great – on Dual purpose lessons!  Sneaking in a character strength while teaching the academic material!  Really powerful stuff!!  We will watch some of the videos through out the end of the year – as we make our plans for next year!  

We have our first Saturday School this Saturday!  Our teachers are planned and ready!  We hope these Saturdays will push us to the 90’s for percent passing!  That is totally possible and can happen!  I am shooting for the stars!  

Well – it is Sunday – and we had the Saturday Tutorials yesterday.  There was a glitch with the buses – someone canceled the route!  NMS had over 200 students attend Saturday tutorials without a bus!  Three students showed up about 9:45 after walking from Pitner.  I am so proud of our kids!  Kathy Green was right, our kids showed Grit on Saturday!  Thank you so much  to Jen – also snaps for picking up the 20 dozen donuts, Jose, Jose’s two friends, Gretchen, Natalia, Kyle, Crystal, Rosa, Coach Evans, Kara, Kathy and Tracey!  Saturday School was a huge success!  Our next day is March 29!

Check out NMS’s Character Without Question Award winner:
Thomas Cruz CWQ

How awesome is Thomas?

Every two years – the district has a Safety Audit.  We are up again for another safety audit.  Please be sure that you check your rosters in your emergency packet that you take on a fire drill, to make sure you have the most up to date rosters!  

Shout outs to………………..
Susannah  for two great theater productions!  Law and Order was awesome!

big bad wolf bo peep seated up closejulissa and edward lao pinocchio
SPC for their creativity and inspiration on Wednesday afternoon!
Leah for organizing the TRIPOD survey!
Crystal for organizing the 8th grade parent phone calls!

Schedule for this week:
Monday, March 10, 2014
Beach Vacation dress up day
A Day
8:00 CIT Meeting conference room
8:30 Base Camp  AOC coming for 8th grade
12:00 ReVision Mentoring meeting – conference room
1:30 ILT
3:35 Special Projects Team Meeting Conference room
4:30 Boys Track @ SHS

Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Skiing Vacation dress up day
B Day
8:00 7th grade Math Data conference B117
1:00 6th grade Math Data conference B117
3:30 TELPAS Verification
6:00 Kempwood North Civic Club in cafeteria

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
Rodeo Day
A Day
7:50 Faculty meeting
10:30 Science Data Conference 8th grade B117
1:00 SS Data Conference 8th grade  B117
4:30 Girls’ track meet SHS

Thursday, March 13, 2014
Disney Day
B Day
8:00 7th grade Reading Data Conference
11:15 6th grade Reading Data Conference
Print paychecks
3:35 Knights Grade level meetings

Friday, March 14, 2014
Sports Day
A Day
UIL Grade Check
End of the 3rd 9 week grading period
No 4:30 Bus
Lunch incentive
9:00 Kid Team meeting
2:30 Faculty v Student Volleyball game

Spring Break!  Nuff Said!


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