NMS Faculty Bulletin 4-14-2014


Know our Kids, Meet their Needs, Up the  Mountain to T-2-4!

Our last  week of instruction before the STAAR test.  It is a short week – so we have 4 days to build confidence in our students and let them know we know they can do it!  You all have taught the TEKS, and many of you have tracked mastery of them!  The kids are ready and are going to do a great job!  Let’s do our best not to put too much pressure on them, just to give them confidence and remind them to take their time, take it seriously, and they will be awesome!  I appreciate the work you have put into our students this year!  I have seen amazing things happen in the classroom!  I am proud to be a Knight!

Here is the testing schedule again.  This has the correct date for the Algebra EOC.

We have only a couple of weeks, and then the big round of testing will be upon us!  Just so everyone has a heads up – here is the testing schedule that week:
Monday, April 21 – should get scores returned on 8th grade math and reading
Tuesday, April 22 – 6th and 7th grade Math, 8th grade Social Studies
Wednesday, April 23 – 6th and 7th grade Reading and 8th grade science – Everyone is testing!

May 7 – Algebra EOC
Tuesday, May 13 –  8th grade STAAR Math Retest
Wednesday, May 14 – 8th grade STAAR Reading Retest

Another great turn out for Super Saturday School!  Our kids want to do well and are here on a Saturday to make sure they are ready! We have students climbing Mt. T-2-4!  We have many teachers helping them to do it!   The KNIGHTS ROCK!


Please be sure you continue to give out the Character Tickets!  You have done a great job this semester – let’s keep it going until the end of the year!  Thank you!
Keep giving the Knight dollars on the LiveSchool!  I see tons of money coming and going!  Great work!
It is extremely important that we have adult presence in the hallways!  Between now and the end of the year – we need as many staff on duty as possible!   We had a fight in the hallway on Friday right where students know there is not an adult!  The kids notice and know where the adults are!  Thank you in advance for keeping NMS safe and being on duty between all passing periods – that includes when students are coming back from lunch – ESPECIALLY when they are coming back from lunch!!  Thanks all!!!
Be sure you turn in your Summative paperwork to your appraiser by Wednesday, April 16. 

Shout Outs…
A shout out to Rebecca, Trisha, and Natalia for cheering on the boys soccer team!
A shout out to Jose, Jen, Rosa, Natalia, and Gretchen for working Super Saturday!  

Here is the schedule for the week:
Monday, April 14, 2014
A Day
8:30 Basecamp
1:30 ILT Meeting
6:00 Theater Rented to group

Tuesday, April 15, 2014
B Day
7:50 CIT/DC Meeting
9:00 Val @ mtg.
9:00 8th grade Parent and Title 1 End of Year meeting – Parent Center

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
A Day
No faculty meeting
9-12 Val and Lesli @ Region IV
2:00 Counselors @ Summer School mtg.
5:00 Soccer
Boys @ Tully, Girl’s @ NMS
8th – 5:00      7th – 6:15

Thursday, April 17, 2014
B Day
Teacher Recommendations for office aid and KRTV due – students will be asking for recs and these are due on Thursday

Friday, April 18, 2014
Good Friday – School Holiday

Enjoy a well deserved day off!  



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