The Knights’ News 9-22-2014


Know Our Kids, Meet their Needs, Up the Mountain to T-2-4!

In each bulletin – there will be a section on our school-wide Focus:
1. Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening in every class, every day
2.  Culture – Champs, Grit and Growth Mindset
3. Teamwork

school wide focus

CHAMPS – School-wide focus: Culture
Remember – the beauty of CHAMPS, is that you are teaching students what it looks like and sounds like to be on task, to work, to transition from one activity to another. Don’t forget the feedback piece – be sure you are giving your students feedback on how they are doing on your expectations.  The more feedback they receive from you – the clearer your expectations will be and the better they will understand them.  I put out an email regarding some CHAMPS training at Region IV.  Several people have expressed an interest in attending – I can send up to 4-5.  

ELL Strategies: School-wide Focus – Literacy

  1. Randomization when calling on students – Don’t call on students with hands raised.  You have to train kids and yourself not to call on these students.
  2. Visuals, pointing and gesturing
  3. safe/low risk environment
  4. Structured table talk, Elbow partner talk, structured stems
  5. not having students translate for others – I have been in some classes this week and have still heard students word for word translating the lesson.  

Remember  – Our ELL students are our lowest performing students – In order to change the outcomes for these students, we have to make our content comprehensible for our second language learners.  Great work for those of you who have already created systems for randomly calling on students. 

School Wide Focus!hedgehog

Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking in every class, every day!  What are your students writing each day?  What are you planning for them?  Are they sharing and having structured table talk?  Be sure that each day you plan opportunities for students to read!

Shout Outs:
Shout out to Lesli for putting together a great PD class for the SKY Summit!
Shout out to you all for bringing your A game to the SKY Summit and making it a really great experience!  I truly got a lot out of the classes I attended, please be sure you take the survey so we can continue to make this shared PD a positive learning experience.
Shout out to Gail for creating the KNTV news!  And Shout to Kevin for his Theater kids spot on the news!  It was fantastic!
A Big Shout Out to the ELA department for an amazing day of growth and learning with Judy Wallace.  Thank you for your participation and undivided attention!  I think we are already changing outcomes for kids!
Big Shout Outs to the Volleyball teams!  I saw 7th grade play – and they did great!  8th grade is learning a new rotation and did great with it!  Congrats!
Check this out – Molly and Crystal have been working with a group of 8th graders to hold parent classes to learn English.  The 8th graders are teaching the parents!  I watched the class – the students (Jocelyn) made the Power Point, and then sat and worked with the parents one on one!  It was so amazing!  Beautiful and capable young people attend NMS!  Thank you Molly and Crystal for providing the opportunities for the kids!  Really inspiring!
kids teaching parents English 1

Kids teaching parents English 2

Open House on Tuesday night – we have already had the Title 1 meeting – so when parents arrive beginning at 4:30 – they will head straight to the classrooms.  Don’t forget to have your rooms ready, brochures and or power points! 

One Important reminder:
I have sent several emails about attendance!  Please take attendance every day, every period!  When speaking with parents – It is always awkward to explain to a parent why their student was absent 3-4 periods out of 7.  Please be sure you take roll every day- if it is hard for you to remember – designate a student in each period who reminds you!  They are like elephants and won’t forget!!

Here is the schedule for the week:
Monday, Sept. 22, 2014
A Day
Book Fair all week!
Free Dress Day – Advisory teachers please check: If students come in free dress and had the opportunity to purchase it, but they didn’t,  then they can purchase it on Monday, but for $100.  Otherwise, they have to call their parents to bring them their uniform.
YP begins 2nd Six Weeks
1:30 ILT
5:30 7B Football @ Alief

Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2014
B Day
Book Fair
8:15 CSHAC meeting in Clinic
8:45 Base Camp
4:30-6:45 Open House

Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2014
A Day
Book Fair
8:30 Val @ ELL Training
5:00 Volleyball @ LMS

Thursday, Sept. 25, 2014
B Day
Book Fair
8:00 DC Meeting – conference room
4:00 Electives meeting Band Hall

Friday, Sept. 26, 2014
A Day
Book Fair

8:15 New Teacher Meeting
Core Teachers Unit Tests on Testing Calendar

Looking ahead:
10/1 Faculty Meeting
10/1 Eduphoria training with Lesli

Make this week super productive and have a great one!!



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