The Knights’ News 11-17-2014

now our Kids, Meet their Needs, Up the Mountain to T-2-4!

7 school days until we are on Thanksgiving Vacation!  This is our last full week  – so let’s make it count!  Let’s use every minute working with kids and getting the most bang for our buck before we start our holiday!  You all have so much deserved time off coming up – and I know everyone is ready for a little rest!  When we come back – there are just 3 weeks and the first semester is over!  Have you and your students accomplished all you set out to?  The finals testing schedule will come out early this week – look it over and make sure you don’t see any mistakes.

As we work these next three months on implementing the first part of our plan – please pay attention to what writing your students are doing in your classroom each day!  Use ELL strategies with your students every day – how are you using visuals so your ELL students have pictures for everything you introduce!  That is the beauty of the Active Board!  Use those images!  Are your students getting time every 10-12 minutes to process their learning?  Are they getting opportunities to use the English language?  Are you giving students sentence stems and expecting ALL students to speak in complete sentences?  All of these strategies are going to move our students towards success!  This is the expectation for all classrooms!  Remember – in order to get different scores – we have to do something different!  Make it happen!!  Below – I am showing you the results of the ELL strategies use walk throughs we have been doing.  In some columns,  you will see two numbers – the first number is how many opportunities for that strategy was seen – and the percent is what percent was it used given how many opportunities were there.  This is just to inform you and us of how often we see the strategies being used!

ELL stratregies

We are looking for these strategies in all classes!  We want to see those numbers increase!!  Go Team!  We can do this!!

On another note:  Please be sure you have a written list of students in all of your periods who met standard at Level 3 or were within 5-7 questions of meeting standard at Level 3.  Those are the students who we also need to give our attention to.  These are our students who are going to help us on Index 4!  We are aiming to have all of our students either at the college ready phase or above!  When you pull small groups for students who are struggling – it is also critical that those students who need the push to excel – get that push!  What are you doing for those students?

Nancy Motley from the John Seidlitz group will be at NMS on Tuesday, Nov. 18.  She is going to be doing observations looking for the ELL strategies in classrooms.  She is visiting classrooms of teachers who have already attended the Seidlitz training – those teachers already know who they are!  For those of you who have conference time during 5th or 6th period – please plan on coming to Lesli’s office during that time.  Nancy is going to be providing PD for us.  She will share some trends she saw in the classrooms – and then ways to push that further!

The first writing sample is due Monday, 11-17 from ELA.  Here is the schedule for writing samples again:
11-17 ELA
11-24 Science
12-1 Social Studies
12-8 Math
Content teachers – when you turn your writing samples in to me – would you please give all of your newcomers writing samples to Mari?  Just put them in her box.  She will work with the students when she has them in ELA to help them grow in writing.  We will continue to collect writing samples after the winter holiday –  the schedule above will continue each week.

Be sure you update the Data Wall within only 1-2 days after giving your Unit Test.  Be sure CBA’s also get posted on the data wall as soon as possible.

Faculty Meeting this week – Please bring a couple of this week’s objectives and lesson plans to the faculty meeting this week.  We are going to start talking about rigor – (also part of our Improvement Plan) and how we can increase the rigor in our plans.

Thursday – we are having a combined DC/CIT meeting.  There is no DC meeting on Tuesday – it has been combined with the CIT and both will meet Thursday morning at 8:00.

This week is T-2-4 Success Week!  The purpose of this week is to help inform and educate our kids about all of the post-secondary opportunities.  Please be sure you talk up the activities during your classes in an effort to encourage all of our kids to participate!  Don’t forget there is a newscast for each day too!  See Gail’s email if you need guidance!

All of the above is part of our plan to our NMS Knights get to college!  You have gotten them on their way – they feel your support and know you are here for them!  Let’s work this plan to make it happen!  It’s a long march – one mile at a time!  There is no team I would rather be a part of.

Here is our calendar through November:
Monday, November 17, 2014
B Day
Our future is so Bright we have to wear Shades! – Everyone wears shades today!

Free Dress – if students are in free dress and haven’t purchased- advisory teachers can take money from LiveSchool.
2:00 ILT Meeting

Tuesday, November 18, 2014
A Day
Dress for Success – everyone dress professionally

Nancy Motley at NMS for ELL walk- throughs
8:45 Base Camp
5th & 6th period – B117 for ELL PD for anyone with conference during those two periods.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014
B Day
College Rocks – everyone wear a college shirt, or jersey

8:00 Faculty Meeting – bring lesson plans and objectives
2:30 Val @ mtg. @ LMS

Thursday, November 20, 2014
A Day
Run Towards Your Goal – everyone wear running shoes and colorful socks!
ELA teachers @ PD with Judy Wallace
8:00  DC/CIT Meeting
Special Schedule – Volleyball game in new gym –
8:00-11:30 AP meeting Tech Center
8:45 Judy Wallis @ NMS with ELA department
3:20 Faculty v. Students Volleyball game
4:00 Knights Grade Level Meeting
4:00 Electives Meeting

Friday, November 21, 2014
B Day
Commitment Friday – Students sign a pledge to seek the path to higher learning during lunch

8:00 New Teacher Meeting -1E
9:00 Kid Team meeting

Monday, November 24, 2014
A Day
ELA Planning Day – B117
2:00 ILT Meeting
7:00 School Board Meeting – NMS shares Improvement Plan

Tuesday, November 25, 2014
 B Day
8:15 CSHAC meeting in clinic
8:45 Base Camp

Vacation Begins!!
turkeyHappy Thanksgiving!!


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