The Knight’s News 12-8-2014

Know our Kids, Meet their Needs, Up the Mountain to T-2-4!


At department meetings this week the discussion centered around lesson plans.  The point of the lesson plan is to “plan and think through” the lesson for delivery in order to have the biggest impact on students and their achievement.  We have also been working on writing very clear and clean objectives that have high level verbs when appropriate and activities that match the verb.  When teachers do the heavy lifting in their lesson design and planning – then you can create amazing opportunities for the students to do the heavy lifting in class.  In order to write good strong objectives – we need to start with the TEKS.  What is the TEK asking the student to be able to do and at what level.  If every objective you write starts with a TEK – you know you are teaching exactly what the student needs to know and learn.   In planning meetings – working on the objectives for the next week is a great place to spend your time – activities should come and be developed AFTER the objectives have been written.  Everyone should have 5 essential elements in their lesson plans:
1.  Hook or set (what are you using or doing to motivate students)
2.  Input – what information are you delivering to the students and how are you delivering it?
3.  Guided Practice
4. Independent Practice
5.  Closure – remember to tie up your lesson with a bow at the end – this increases student learning

How is CHAMPS going in your classroom?  Are you stating your behavioral expectations before each activity?  Do the students know what is expected of them?  Do you give them feedback on how they are doing?  Are you reinforcing desired behaviors with LiveSchool?  Behavior management is not just a beginning of the year or a beginning of the semester job for us!  It will never end!  Please don’t expect that you can lighten up and behavior will remain just how you want it.  Managing behavior is part of a teachers job every day for the whole school year!  You all know the minute you let up – kids see it and feel it and they take advantage!  They are adolescents and that is what they do!!  If you feel like behavior management has gotten away from you a little – the second semester is a great time to tighten up, reset expectations and create the classroom you want to have!  If anyone wants more info on CHAMPS or want to borrow my book over the holidays – please let me know!!

Here is the calendar for the week:
Monday, Dec. 8, 2014
B Day
2:00 ILT Meeting
5:00 Boys Basketball @ Landrum

Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2014
A Day
8:45 BaseCamp
4:45 Cross Country Meet @ MMS

Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2014
B Day
8:00 Faculty Meeting
5:00 Girl’s Basketball v. SFMS @ NMS

Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014
A Day
7:45 Science Data Conference – Conference room
1:30 Gang Task Force in MPR
4:00 Knights Grade Level Meeting
6:00 Holiday Concert in new gym – Come here our Band, Orchestra, and Choir Perform!

Friday, Dec. 12, 2014
B Day
Crazy Christmas Sweater Day for Staff
TRIPOD Survey during 2nd period
8:15 New Teacher Meeting – 3E
9:15 Holiday Concert for 5th grade students from feeder elementary schools – all band, orchestra, and choir students will report to advisory, check in, and then need to be dismissed to go to their concert.  A list of students will be coming to you from the directors.
3:00 Intramurals
4:00 Holiday Dance

This is your last week of instruction for 2014 – so make it count!!

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