NMS Knightly News 1-19-2015


Know Our Kids, Meet their Needs, Up the Mountain to T-2-4!

Core Teachers: By now you should have received your writing samples back from the ILT with some feedback.  It was really informative for us to look at the writing.  I have put out the new schedule for when the next round of writing samples are due.  The cover page and writing page were attached.  Here is the schedule:  1/23-Math, 1/30 -SS, 2/6-Science, 2/13-ELA.

Lesson Planning is the strength behind your lessons!  A well thought out plan will provide steering for you to guide your students to your objective.  Please be sure you are thoroughly writing about the following items in your plans.  You need to indicate on your daily plans besides your:  objective and language objective, Set, Input, Guided Practice, Independent Practice, and Closure.  These are the chunks of the lesson cycle that need to be in all lesson plans.  The plans I looked at this past week looked really great!

IR Plan Reminders:
As we work on our Second Quarterly goals for each Root Cause – I want to remind you of the data we will collect.
Root Cause 1 – Reading
Quarterly Goal 2 – 70% of students pass Reading Unit Tests and Reading CBA’s – Data Wall to monitor
75% of core subject area classrooms using targeted ELL strategies – ELL observations will monitor

Root Cause 2 – Writing has not been the focus
Quarterly Goal 2 – 100% of teachers use writing protocol 2 a month in department meetings – writing samples/action plans
50% of 7th grade students pass the released STAAR writing-ILT analysis form
35% of 7th grade LEP students pass the released STAAR writing-core writing samples, Data from practice         STAAR, small group assignments

Root Cause 3 – Increasing the Rigor
Quarterly Goal 2 – 40% of all students will score 80% or above on all unit tests. -Lesson Cycle, planning, data wall,     enrichment tutoring, types of questioning

At the end of January we will gather data to monitor these Q2 goals, look at our Quarterly 3 goals, make adjustments if necessary and then begin work on Q3 goals!!

This week there has been a lot of discussion around culture, as 6th and 7th grade talk about the Passport System and 8th grade continues to refine and tweak their Passport System.  I really appreciate how much thought you all are putting into this and really stopping to think about it!  You have made such positive changes already – one thing I want to remind everyone regardless of whether Passports are being used or not – CHAMPS is still the vehicle used to state expectations so that students will know what is expected of them.  Each time you change activities – teachers CHAMP out the expectations – the Passport comes into play when students don’t follow those expectations.  Anyway – that is my 2 cents worth for the day!!  Keep up the great work with kids!  NMS teachers are the best!

At Northbrook this week……
I was in Jen R.’s math class this week and saw a really strong example of guided practice.  She had one problem each on about 5 slides, and the students worked the problems with her (they were learning to add and subtract integers with integer chips) and the students built their skill with each problem.  It was really fun to watch their confidence grow as they did one, used their chips and found the answer.  Then she would check it with them or call a student to the active board.  Within about 6-8 minutes the students had worked 5 problems in guided practice!  Nice planning Jen!
I was in Gretchen’s class this week and saw another strong example of guided practice.  Gretchen did a super thorough job of taking the students through a word problem that had surface area and perimeter as the skills.  The students were doing the heavy lifting in the problem on their own paper, but Gretchen was guiding them by asking questions and having them answer!  The problem was complicated, but Gretchen did a great job of guiding the students on how to break the problem down to answer!  Guided practice is a critical piece of the lesson cycle!  Way to go!

Here is the schedule for the week:
Monday, January 19, 2015
MLK Holiday

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
B Day
Advisory teachers sell free dress tickets for Wednesday
8:00 DC Meeting
10:00 NMS Volunteer will receive Volunteer of the Month in Parent Center – Yeah!
2:00 ILT Meeting

Wednesday, January 21, 2015
A Day
Free Dress Wednesday
8:00 DC Meetings
8:45 Base Camp
9:00 Val @ Vertical Meeting
9:15 8th grade @ NHS tour
1:00 master schedule meeting
5:00 Girl’s Basketball
5:30 Boys Basketball @ SBMS

Thursday, January 22, 2015
B Day
4:00 Knights Grade Level Meeting

Friday, January 23, 2015
A Day
Math Planning Day
Math Writing Samples Due
9:15 Kid Team meeting
12:00 Author Visit Cluiss
1:00 Author Visit Rivera/Crenshaw

Saturday, January 24, 2015
TE Saturday

When you see Lindy Robertson this week – ask her about the Marathon!  Yes, she was running it!  Way to go Lindy!

Remember:  Task = Performance!!


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