The Knightly News 2-1-2015


Know Our Kids, Meet their Needs, Up the Mountain to T-2-4!

This week, science writing samples are due on Friday, 2/6!
We are still focusing on lesson design and lesson cycle!  At NMS, those teachers who are committing to the lesson cycle and the required components are delivering really thoughtful lessons!  NMS teachers do the heavy lifting in their planning and create opportunities for students to do heavy lifting in the classrooms, along with ample time to practice, practice, and more practice!

We have now concluded our Q2 work for our IR plan.  The Campus Leadership Team will be working this week to collect the data – the leads will be preparing this information for our meeting on Thursday, at 4:00 in the MPR.  At this time – we will examine our goals for Q3 and make any needed adjustments.

Please continue to use the ELL strategies that research has shown help students acquire a language.  Students should be answering in complete sentences the large majority of the time.  I have been in about 10 classrooms in the last week or so and I have not been able to locate the class seating charts.  Please make sure those are on the chalk tray and available.  I know it feels like STAAR is still far away – but we have to make every moment count!

Thanks to everyone for your valuable input at Wednesday’s faculty meeting.  I will be meeting with the Senior Staff Monday morning to present our proposal.  I will keep you posted.

This Monday starts all grade level implementation of the Passport system.  What I believe is the most important thing to remember as we put this in place is this:  This system does not take the place of CHAMPS – CHAMPS must be done for each activity every day – so that students know what is expected of them.  You will be giving nonstop marks if  the expectations aren’t clear!  This system also doesn’t take place of the most important part of any classroom management and that is building strong relationships with students.  Strong relationships are the key to all good management and teaching!  I do believe the Passports will help with some of the small behaviors, that weren’t big enough for a referral, but happen often and in many classrooms all day.  This will be a learning experience for everyone – so let’s keep that in mind as we start!  I know this amazing group of teachers will build this so that our kids will learn from the marks and help all of our kids be in control of their behaviors!

Here is the schedule for this week:
Monday, Feb. 2, 2015
Ground Hog Day
A Day
Free Dress
8:00 ELA Department meeting – Angela’s room
8:45 Base camp –  6th and 7th only.  Elective teachers – if you have 8th graders, please be in your classroom.  8th grade will not have Base camp on Monday
1:30 Check in with TE
2:00 ILT Meeting
5:00 BB @ NMS

Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015
B Day
8:00 DC Meeting
8:45 Base Camp all grades
YES Prep 4th Six Weeks Progress Report

Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015
A Day
Department Meetings – look at student writing
2:00 Master Schedule Meeting – conference room
5:00 Girl’s BBall
5:00 YES Prep Parent meeting in cafeteria

Thursday, Feb. 5, 2014
B Day
9:15 5th grade Transition Day – you will see 5th graders touring the school
4:00 Campus Leadership Team Meeting in MPR

Friday, Feb. 6, 2015
A Day
9:15 Kid Team Meeting
4:00 Valentine Dance

Have a great week!!

ground hog day


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