The Knightly News 3-23-2015

Know our Kids, Meet their Needs, Up the Mountain to T-2-4!

You all have pushed hard to have a strong week!  I am proud of the work you and your students have done.  When we return – the 7th grade students have one week until their writing STAAR!  The 7th grade students have been writing, editing, and more writing these last couple of weeks!  The students and teachers at NMS are committed to doing their best on this writing test!  I know they will do their best!  We are at the time of year – all state tests are coming soon – so again, the urgency for staff and students should be evident in classrooms!  I don’t have the results of all of our practice STAAR tests, but I will send an IR update when all the data is in!

Some reminders about Discipline and Student behavior:
*   All teachers should be stating expectations for students before the beginning of any activity.  If students are not following the expectations – teachers can call students back and restate expectations.
*   Relationships are most important to students complying with teacher requests.
*   Passports are not a behavior management system – it is a way to record and remind students about behavior – CHAMPS is critical to the Passports being successful
*   At NMS we are NOT punishment driven – we want to teach students how to behave in class to maximize student achievement and learning.
*   Teachers who work at NMS are committed to creating and maintaining classrooms that follow these tenets and create amazing spaces for students to flourish!

General Reminders:
TELPAS testing all week – please check Kathy’s email daily and send the correct students to the lower library for testing
Please remind students taking the TELPAS that this test is super important for them and it is important for them to do their best!
No Knights Grade level meeting this week
STAAR Writing is March 30 and 31, and 8th grade Reading is the 31st
All Staff are expected to attend Community Night

Here is the schedule for the week after spring break:
Monday, March 23, 2015
B Day
SS Teachers Data Day in B117
TELPAS testing begins – 2 testing times most days in library
2:00 ILT Meeting
Beautification Day at NMS
4:30 District Track Meet @ SHS

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
A Day
TELPAS Testing

6th & 7th grade ELA Data Conference – B117
8:15 CSHAC Meeting in Clinic
8:45 Base Camp
9:15 ReVision Meeting
2:30 Val @ meeting
4:30-7:00  Community Night in cafeteria – light snacks for teachers in lounge by cafeteria – Thank you PTA!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015
B Day
8:00 STAAR Security Training – Parent Center
TELPAS Testing
9:00 Val @ Meeting
1:30 Joint Chiefs Meeting – conference room
4:30 District Track meet Day 2 @ SHS

Thursday, March 26, 2015
A Day
TELPAS Testing

8:45 NHS Girls Athletics here to speak with 8th grade girls in Theater – more info to come
9:00 Front Office Meeting
10:00 Master Schedule meeting
4:00 No Knights Grade Level Meeting
4:15 Meet and greet @ Don Coleman  – Job Fair

Friday, March 27, 2015
B Day
Algebra EOC Practice Test
TELPAS testing
9:15 Kid Team meeting
11:30 ReVision Luncheon in Parent Center
12:30 YES  in new gym
5:00 YES in theater


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